Saturday, June 12, 2010 month since my last post?

sheesh. i read TONS of blogs everyday and somehow that makes me feel like i write in my own everyday. guess not :)
so, here I am, with a second (or two) to blog. I HAVE HAVE HAVE to show you this!

If you are in FB - this will be a bit of a repeat since you've seen my pics already - but if you care for the story behind this sweet little dress - Here it goes!

I was all prepared to write a tutorial for the dress and my camera
battery died. I took that as a sign! :)

So, I have loved this pillow case for a long time. (my grandma calls them pillow slips - and i LOVE that!)

Anyway, it was such a pretty vintage looking pillowcase. Creamy background with light blue and yellow periwinkles all dreamily scattered around - and a ruffle -
OH THE RUFFLE! That's what made my mind start whirling about 4 yrs. ago that this would make a beautiful dress for my little girl...but we kept having boys :)

So, while I have been here in Canada, I saw the pillowcase and got so excited and asked if i could turn it into a dress!

I enjoy sewing interiors. My sister Jenny has been making her own clothes and refashioning pieces for years so with my plan in mind,we worked together, drew out a pattern, measured one of Liv's dresses and went to town!

It took us a few hours - but we had a blast designing it together and seeing it realized (AND SEEING IT FIT HER PERFECTLY!! That was awfully satisfying!)

So, here she is in her little dress made with love by mommy and aunt j-mo.


StacieB said...

Oh my word!!! ADORABLE! Good work :) You and your sister should go into business!

Alicia said...

AMAZING job, you two! It looks fantastic!!!! I try to repurpose things alot and I know it's much harder than it looks. (my pile full of failed or unfinished projects are testament to that). Here's to more successful projects!

Chastity Gomez said...

Beautiful and what a great piece that has a history:) She can give it to her little girl one day! Glad your back blogging- missed reading your posts:)

Pepin909 said...

So sweet. You know you can also alter a pillow case into a cute summer top for yourself.

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

LOVE it Shyla! :) I'm so jealous...I would so love to be talented like that. ;)

Mary Ann said...

Great job, Shyla! It reminds me of an outfit that my g-ma made for me when I was little; she made it out of a set of sheets. She took a full size set of sheets & made a dress for my aunt & a shorts/top outfit for my sister & me. We thought we were stylin'!
Glad to have you back; time just goes by so fast it can be hard to blog regularly :-)

Erin Neiner said...

YYYYUUUUMMMMM!!!!! I can dream like I can do stuff ilke that, but when it comes down to it...I don't make it very far! Gorgeous! Just beautiful. Can you make one in my size??? ;)

Wild Ghese said...

so cute

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