Thursday, March 11, 2010

Need a baby shower gift idea?

Brown Eyed Girlies' Itty Bitty Bows make great baby shower gifts for new mommies!

They are a great solution for having a bow when your little one doesn't have any hair, or very little hair.

They are unique because they don't require a clip to stay in the hair. Just apply a drop of surgilube, ky jelly, Karo Syrup to the little bow or to your baby's head and gently press the bow into place! Your bow will hold all day! Seriously! :)

To remove the bow use a little warm water or a damp cloth and the bow will come right off. You can use a little baby wash to gently clean the bow, let it air dry and it will be ready to use again, if you feel you need to.

Each of my bows are hand tied and glued to make sure they don't come undone. All ends are treated to prevent fraying.

They are about 1" from loop to loop and 1 1/2" wide total.


ruth said...

Hey Shyla, I just wanted to let you know that I love your Etsy store and the baby bracelets and bows. If I had a little girl, I would absolutely be a customer. (And if I have any local friends who have girs, I WILL be one)

Shyla said...

Aw! Thanks Ruth! You are so sweet! How are you all doing? Where are you living now?

CB said...

Just had to comment because: A) your bows ARE adorable, and B) I was one of those no-hair babies whose mom used Karo syrup to hold bows on...worked 40+ years ago, still works today!!

ruth said...

Shyla, I'm doing well. Working and keeping busy. We actually live in PA, though I don't know how close we are to where you guys are. We live just northeast of Philly. I saw your father-in-law on tv the other night on a local broadcast--I can't remember which station. :)

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