Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kitchen Transformation Day 2

I keep getting these comments like,
"i don't know how you do it with 3 little ones, shyla"
"you must be wonder woman!"
"i only have one kid. i wish i was that organized"

Let's start a new series here on "I am shyla, hear me rohrer"
It's called:
(clever, i know.)

This is me, keepin' it real for all of you...
Yes, I am a mom of 3 little ones.
No, i am not wonder woman
(you would not want to see me in that outfit)
I am not the organizational pro of the world.

Just keepin' it real.
Let me give you a little embarrassing look
into how i have been getting this project done
with 3 little ones while my husband has been gone all week...

The children run like wild in the sunshine
and hijack my phone.

The clutter fairy pukes all sorts of stuff
on surfaces meant for cooking or general food prep.

This was a happy little surprise while I was sanding, wiping, repeat
(look close, it's a little hand print. made me *smile*)

Jackson, assessing the damage with all the doors off.
it's amazing how much the cupboard doors hide.

Why not leave the microwave door open!
Everything else is.
(was i playing "how-much-junk-could-i-possibly-fit-in-my-cupboards?)

More destruction.

But, it all ends up tidied up at the end of the day.
(that is mount dishes that got finished. they are drying :)

Always nice to wake up to some semblance of order.
I am sure going to miss that monogram on the wall!!
So, that's me keepin' it real.
It's not always pretty here - even though i wish it was! :)

So, tell me - how are you keeping it real?

Post on your blog about it and link back here with a commentso we can all see
that everyone wants to show the best in our lives,
but sometimes it's even more encouraging to know
that you're not the only one with a toddler
running around with his underwear on his head
instead of his hindquarters!


The Logans said...

I LOVE this post! I have a post of my own in the works with nearly the same life sagas. I'm up to my eyeballs in barfy sheets from last night (Jack). My washer doesn't work well so I can only wash a small load at a time so there are piles of dirty laundry waiting their turn. I have been documenting the craziness all day in hopes of having a profitable day and "clean" pictures to post when I'm done. How many hours are left in this day? :) I will most certainly link your post to my post if I get to posting it.

samantha said...

haha! This is great shyla!! We are living in a very small apt. right now until July so we are really keepin' it real around here--I'm such a perfectionist and the Lord is teaching me much!!(: I have nothing put up on the walls etc. because this is temporary so my kids have decided to decorate with bendaroos!! yes, all over the living room wall--we look like some kind of religious cult with crosses and pentagrams etc. on our wall and my laundry is everywhere at the moment and the boys have no where to play but in the living room so right now you can't even walk in there...oh well...we all have those times...

Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Awesome. LOVE this, Shyla. I am so going to do a "Keepin' it Real" post. How fun! I'll be sure to send you a comment with the link when I do...or you can just follow me @ :) Mine is gonna be scary, I am sure. I may have to take something before I post it so I don't hyperventilate upon sending out my worst nightmares to the world. lol

Mary Ann said...

You make me laugh, Shyla! I really appreciate your honesty. Our house is a constant mess & we have no children. What will the future be like, I often ask myself. My husband ends up doing little bits of his woodworking at the dining room table so that we can talk & I'm sure you can picture the distruction that comes from THAT. I'll have to take some pics tonight & post my own 'keepin' it real!'

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