Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kitchen Transformation Day 1

You'll have to excuse the briefness of this post. My eyes are bleeding - i am so tired!

This was the original color of our kitchen cabinets. Honestly, if the space wasn't so teeny, I wouldn't mind the color of the cabinets.

This is the adorable (read: tacky, yet charming) clock on the hood of my stove
I have plans for this!!

The sand man.

Shyla's starting to get excited so she's snapping pics of cabinet doors in a row!

So happy to prime
(then sand, then wipe, then prime then repeat*sigh*)



The Logans said...

So um I started painting our cabinets with my dad in October. We didn't finish before he left so I have 1/2 new and 1/2 old. I almost started in on the other side on Saturday. You will inspire me. I'm lazy though, no sanding, just painting over the old which is very similar to your color. Can't wait to see your finished work. Hardware does wonders too, my finshed 1/2 looks awesome! Annabelle is better so I'm out of excuses, I must get back at it.

kELLO! said...

oh my. brings back horrible memories.

Mary Ann said...

We painted our kitchen cabinets & I would say that preparation & careful application of paint are our weak points :-) We should have sanded/primed beforehand. I actually wanted the wood grain to show through some. They don't look bad at all, just chip easily. I'm sure your's are going to be great with all that hard preparation you are putting in. What color will they be?

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