Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where does time go?

This week has been soooo very busy (yes! i know it's only Tuesday!) Yesterday, Nathan left at the crack of dawn to catch a flight in Philly. He'll be gone for the week. I have been (in this particular order) sanding, wiping, priming, sanding, wiping, priming, sanding, wiping AND TODAY I FINALLY GET TO PAINT!!! (these are the man of the house rules. He is meticulous - i am a little less then meticulous. I want him to be happy with the cabinets so he will trust me with other projects! LOL)

So, It's been a glorious 55-60 degree day week so far, so i am taking advantage of the weather and trying to get them painted - since it's oil based paint (P-U!) and i can have all of the windows opened up.

My house is a wreck b/c of the weather. Just have to be outside on these days. No problem! I just close the laundry room door - suddenly - no laundry! And the kitchen is in as much order as it can be with drawers being emptied out and tucked away in various spots until they can go back in their rightful places (i sure hope i can find my can opener when this is all over!)

The kids have been good - why wouldn't they be! They can run amuck all day outside while mommy sands, wipes, primes repeat, they are covered in MUCK and couldn't be happier (except when they are squabbling, of course!)

I work feverishly while Liv naps like a champ. My basement looks like the ribbon fairy came and puked all over my basement. But I don't mind. It's progress. So, just checking in. I will post pics during nap time of my progress (maybe :) but i have been chronicling it all b/c i know you all care :)

Happy Tuesday!


Mary Ann said...

Hey, I say if a fairy has to come & puke all over your basement, let it be the Ribbon Fairy!
Sounds like you are making tremendous progress & of course I am dying to see how it turns out!

TwoMuths said...

Can't wait to see!!

kELLO! said...

ugh cabinets got the best of us. they still need one more coat. and i understand about the husband being the more meticulous one. so is mine. ridiculous.

Alicia said...

What an ambitious project! Good luck -- hope you can get it all done before your hubby returns!

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