Monday, February 22, 2010

Laundry Room - Drop your pants here.

These pictures will not be impressive to many of you - that's fine. I, however, am very happy with this laundry room. When Nathan sees these pictures - he will be VERY happy with it! :)

Our laundry room has been a crazy hodge-podge-malodge of clothes, serving dishes, cleaning supplies, pantry items, dryer lint, paint brushes and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

With company coming for the week - it is inevitable that this room would no longer be able to hide behind a lovely, white paneled door.

So, this morning I went to town. I cleaned. I threw away. I vacuumed. I wiped. I did 5 loads of laundry so I could find the floor.

Love this! May paint it on the cupboard door above - or else the first one up top.... thoughts?

Here is my happy little laundry room. This humble little room has made me so happy today that I walked into it several times just to smile.

Lord willing we will be "re-decorating" our kitchen soon and this fabric is what is in my current kitchen. I love that I am able to reuse it down here. I was about to make a ruffled skirt for the wash tub from the fabric you see draped over it - but I decided i didn't care that much. So tomorrow I will hang it up with velcro! This will definitely make Nathan happy not to see ruffles *hater :)* and that he will easily be able to access his hidden bleach collection. The "curtain" is just napkins draped over a rod until I can transfer the curtains from the kitchen down here.

Just keepin' it real folks - this is what else i had to tackle today!

That's just the kind of good clean fun i have here everyday! :) *yawn*


Anonymous said...

Good Work Babe! It truly was an accomplishment.

Karen said...

Nice! Definitely helps make Mount Laundry seem less daunting when you have a pretty and functional space.

TwoMuths said...

Very nice! I love the vintagey metal cabinets. I would be tempted to paint them turquoise, I think. Shiny turquoise. Don't ask me why - totally random. Looks great!!

Megan said...

Love it, Shyla! You've totally inspired me to tackle my laundry "closet". :) May have to blog about that one later....thanks!

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