Friday, February 26, 2010

I have been busy!

Nathan has been gone this week on a business trip. The second one in 2 wks. I was dreading this part of the month - but it never fails - God always blesses with strength, and sometimes with unexpected surprises!

My girlfriend Erin flew up from Greenville with her daughter Mia to hang out with us for the week while Nate was gone! SOOOO fun! We filled our days with bow making, girl chats, watching our kids play and visiting with friends! I am so thankful for a friend who could come and spend this time with me and the kids! Last night we piled the kids in the car in their jammies, in the snow"storm" and drove to DQ and had ice cream cones, went and rented a movie and watched it after the kids went to bed. It was such a fun way to pass the time.

Nathan was supposed to be home on Thurs. but his flight was cancelled, so Lord willing he will be back with us tonight. I really miss having him around when he's gone.

But, in the mean time - this has kept me very busy...

You can check it all out at my shop HERE


Ben and Carissa said...

Shyla! You are just quite the little blogger and ...crafty girl! I have loved your blog lately! I love all things pretty too, but lack the sewing know-how to make it into fun! Thanks for the inspiration! My little girl is the object of my own "no sew" bow projects!! Hope your etsy shop is going great! One of the greatest places on the web!!

Wild Ghese said...

so creative Shyla!

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