Monday, March 01, 2010

What's your style?

Take this quiz HERE and let me know what your results are.

My style was "Villa" - here is its description:

"Villa is romance reinvented. A high-end “decorator” look. Refined without fuss. Serene yet strong. Pedigreed while also modern. Inspired by French and Scandinavian design. A mingling of carved woods. handcrafted artisanship, and the dressmaker detail. This online portfolio shows your style. Brought to life in rooms. A subtle mix of furniture, accessories, and attitude. Different “looks.” "

Here are a few pics - I'd say this was a pretty accurate quiz to show some of the styling I appreciate.

I love the vintage bedding

Love the hall table and chairs - the detailing is so pretty!

I love furniture with character -
the claw feet, the scroll detail, the mismatched fabrics and patterns

I think I'd get a lot done in a chair that looked like this!

I love the furniture in this picture
(minus the metal table)

I'd love all of this stuff even more if I found it at a yard sale and could paint it up on my own!!
Sometimes the hunt, and the deal are more exciting than just buying it and having it delivered!
(although, if I could just have it delivered....) :)

Tell me if you took the quiz.
Do you agree with what the outcome was?


Jocelyn Pagano said...

My style is Global and I totally agree! I love to put things together from all different cultures.

Sara Rivera said...

The verdict is in—your style is Glamour. Glamour is the penthouse with a view, the Old Hollywood mansion, the home of the connoisseur. A knowing marriage of fashion with sumptuous comfort. A fearless blending of Art D├ęco, Chippendale, and Modern. Glamour is shamelessly smart, elegant, and timeless.

I'm not sure if I agree totally but it's pretty close.

Heather said...

The verdict is in—your style is Loft. Loft is energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Punches of color. Spontaneous and fresh. Kids and pets? Bring them on.

This online portfolio shows your style. Brought to life in rooms. A subtle mix of furniture, accessories, and attitude. Different “looks.” Because every home should be unique. Come see.

That's my style!!!

Chastity Gomez said...

The verdict is in—your style is County House. Country House is a timeless world rooted in history. Inspired by the grand houses of Europe. Confident layering of pattern, texture, color, and shape. As if carefully collected over many years. For the antique lover with a taste for modern comfort.
This really is me:) It was fun to do!

Mary Ann said...

That was a fun little quiz! My style is Loft and the runner up was Global.
I'm not sure if you looked at my house that it would reflect my style exactly, but I still love it! I'm with you on thinking that the hunt & the deal can be most of the fun!

ruth said...

Hmm, that was interesting. My style result was "Loft". I took it twice with slightly different answers, and the results were the same both times. I do like the sample rooms for "Loft" so I guess it's fairly accurate, though, I don't know if you'd guess that to look at my house. :) Thanks for the link!

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