Thursday, February 18, 2010

catchin' up

I know it's only been 2 days since I have blogged, but it seems like so much has happened!

Nate's been in Orlando all week. (enter story to explain the next one...) Nate's co-workers were appalled to hear that he had never seen Star Wars. So, they sent him home from work with the first one and we had to watch it :) Nathan fell asleep half way through the movie so he missed the best part. He was sort of nodding in and out of consciousness the whole time. So, he may not have caught everyone's character names etc... (here's the rest of the story....) I have to tell you this story because it had me in tears I was laughing so hard! He went to Universal Studios yesterday and texted me a pic of r2d2 and the caption was "look babe - a star wars guy!" It just made me think that he was so proud of himself for recognizing that it was from Star Wars and then made me laugh b/c pretty much those of us walking around on the earth (even those who could care less about Star Wars - me included) would know that it was R2d2!

ok -well - it was funny to me! :)

When he left for his trip, he gave the boys each a dollar for each day that he'd be gone. They were to help them obey and so that they could keep them at the end of the week and go shopping with them. It was a little over their heads - but i could mention the $ to Jxn off and on during the day and he'd remember and shape up if need be.

So, tonight we went to Target (and the angels rejoice!) and the boys were soooo excited to shop! The first thing jxn wanted to buy was a slurpee (bleh!) but, he picked dr. pepper and i was surprised by his sophisticated choice - especially when neon blue nastiness was one of them! He was pumped! He asks me for one of those every time we walk out of Target (I won't tell you how often that is. *blush*)

Then it was onto the dollar aisles. Here were their choices - mind you, they had $4:

Jxn -

  • cloud umbrella
  • banana slippers
  • tutu (for Livz)
  • lucky charm chapstick
  • flying wheel
  • scooby doo coloring book (who he didn't even know until i told him tonight)
  • recorder
  • Purple floral embroidered notebook (story to follow)
  • elmo stickers
  • elmo book
  • bouncy balls
  • coloring book
  • echo microphone
So, now it was time to teach them the value of a dollar. You should have seen their little heads spinning trying to figure out what to keep and what to put away. If this trip hadn't have been specifically for this purpose, i would have been sooooo annoyed! :) We stood there F-O-R-E-V-E-R as they hemmed and hawed over their little choices. I tried so hard to get owen to put the purple notebook back. I think that he was so excited by the long leather strap that wrapped around it to close it! He dragged that thing ALL AROUND TARGET!! I tried to show him how dirty it was getting - he didn't want to put it back! I tried to reason with him that maybe he'd like the bouncy balls better - but he just loved it! Then i turned around to hear his sweet little voice calling it his "purple puppy"! "c'mon little puppy! we have to keep up with mommy!" He won. The filthy book is in my house and I could care less! He is happy - and it only took a little imagination and a dollar!

So, the final verdict - Jxn came home with the recorder and the flying helicopter thingy and Owen came home with the "purple puppy", elmo stickers and the microphone.

I love those little guys! They are getting so big and so fun! It was great watching them play with their new toys and the excitement on their faces!

i had a smile on my face too as i listened to the recorder being played - they will probably be broken soon enough! LOL


Kelly Glupker said...

I love the purple puppy story - so cute! I can totally picture you trying to convince him to put it back. haha. What a great lesson for your boys.
Oh, and I've never heard of R2d2. I'm not kidding. I've never seen Star Wars either.

Reads said...

Audrey got money for Valentine in the mail. We went off to Target Tuesday! It was the same thing; trying to explain, what she could or couldn't get. We ended up with a bouncy pink ball. . . It is so hard to help them understand! Audrey thinks "her debit card" is an endless supply of money. If only it were that easy!

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