Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a day in my life...

fell asleep at 1:30am. i was alone. therefore i was cold. perhaps that coffee at 3:30pm helped.

hear the first pitter patters at 6:45am


liv begins to cry b/c her brother wanted to see her - before she was awake.

owen crawls in bed with me and instead of snuggling - whips the covers off me and tells me it's time to get up

boys get themselves breakfast

nate texts me from FL and tells me not to worry about getting up to make him breakfast, he's "eating at the hotel this morning"

i smile and miss him

roll out of bed, grab liv and make sure the troops are still eating. i nurse liv.

finish and eat a bowl of cereal b/c nate's not here - so why make eggs?

realize that i have truly poked around this morning and am now running late for bible study.

go into a panic when i see the disrepair my hair is in.

turn on the curling and straight irons.

get liv dressed. put her down and listen to her cry.

tell the boys to get dressed. throw their clothes at them and run into the bathroom to get ready.

come out to find that they are still not dressed and are now watching TV.

scold them for disobeying. liv's still crying. get her a bottle.

get the boys dressed. raging mad inside b/c they can totally dress themselves.

it's 845am i need to leave no later than 915am to get to bible study on time.

i hear olivia splashing something. curiously i peek my head into the kitchen b/c cheerios don't make splashing noises to find that somehow she managed to push the nipple into the bottle and is drenched in milk.

strip her, bathe her, re-dress her, re-brush her hair. insert bow.


holler at the boys to go and get their coats and shoes on.

make my coffee

realize that i am dressed but my hair is still scattered to the four winds.

frantically, straighten, straighten, straighten, curl, curl, curl and then sigh and put it in a ponytail.

fly downstairs, put on their shoes and coats b/c somehow they have amnesia today. how convenient - NOT

go out to start the car and wipe off the windows. open the van door and hear my van beep and think to myself that i must have hit the clicker while i threw my stuff in the car.

start the car.

shut the door.

try to open the van door. it won't open.

at all.

car is running. little chicken are emerging from the house the get in the van and i am shooing them back inside.

it's 920am.

i am not going to make it to bible study.

change the kids into their boots. take off my cute flats and put on boots.

make the trek up the HIIIILLLL to my neighbors house to use her phone.

pray all the way up the HIIILLL that she's home.

thankful when she answers the door. call nate.

wait for an hour for him to call back.

of course! it was the morning of his big presentation. i have perfect timing.

he calls back with AAA info.

call AAA. wait one hour.

run and almost fall down the hill when i see the tow truck come.

get scolded my the 70 yr. old man that gets off of the truck about locking my keys in the car.

he was joking around.

i was not laughing.

car unlocked! praise the Lord!

It's 1145am.

Head to Chik-fil-a for lunch.

momma needs it.

order our food. settle in.

talk to friends that are there. glad to see them.

boys are playing. all is well again.

a mother comes racing out of the play area and asks if i am the mom of the little boy with the elephant shirt on.

i run over to find owen holding his face with blood coming out between his fingers.

i scoop him up - take him to my table - realize i have blood all over my new sweater.

thankfully it's black.

finally get bleeding to stop.

manager brings over piles of napkins and offers owen ice cream and a balloon.

screaming turns to sad little cries and by the time the manager comes back - he's cleaned up

oh the fat lip to follow!

both boys made out with free ice cream and balloons. jackson picked green b/c it's his favorite color (today) owen got purple. liv got a purple one too.

we clean up the carnage and leave. thankful to be in one piece and happy.

the green balloon blows away.

enter the end of the world.

nap time.

for everyone.

Somehow the Lord allowed me to laugh this day off. It was so out of the ordinary.
I was able to spend time with my unsaved neighbor and talk to her more about my church.
I was able to be encouraged my the two friends I met up with at Chik-Fil-A as they told me about their ministry in Chile. And I got to eat Chik-Fil-A for lunch!
He truly is good. All of the time.
I made all of the appointments i was supposed to get to today.


Alicia said...

Oh, Shyla! What a crazy crazy day!!! God obviously gave you an abundance of grace to react in such a good way to His plans for your day. THanks for sharing . . . praying you have a more normal day tomorrow!

Chastity Gomez said...

I LOVE it! Not that you had to go thru all that but to realize that I am not alone because at times I feel like I am the only one going thru some of the same exact things you went thru today:) Here's hoping that tomorrow is better and praise God for GRACE, huh! We do serve a good God even on seemingly bad days!

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Aw...I'm a new follower of yours and friend of Megan Roberts'...your blog was mentioned on her recent post and I wanted to check you out. Love it! Great post...so know what you're sayin'...the Mommy world can be oh so grand... Love the "day in the life of" posts...so fun. I'll have to document my own some day soon. :) Thanks for sharing your life with us, Shyla! It's great to "meet you". :)

Mary Ann said...

What.A.Day. My goodness! Shyla, you had a lot going on! I just don't know what it would be like to handle so many obligations with children to be responsible for as well. No wonder the keys got locked in the car :-) I really appreciate your attitude through it all & I especially loved where you said "I made all the appointments that I was supposed to get to today." What a great reminder that my plans don't always align with God's plans & that if everything doesn't get marked off the to do list I am not a major failure.
Thanks for sharing!

Jason said...

one of those days to look back and laugh about for sure. - you are such a good writer. so funny.

Shyla said...

Thanks girls! I am staying in to do laundry today! :)

Jennifer - It's so nice to meet you! I will check out your site! It's so nice to "meet" new people! Are you local - ie; PA?

Anonymous said...

I kinda have been expecting this in a way...
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Jennifer @ A Fine Romance said...

Shyla - Sorry, I just saw this now...yes, I am local...live just a few minutes from Megan... :)

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