Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Photoshoot

Can't you just hear her laughing??


They are the best. Really.

I love this pic.I don't know why. Maybe because he seems so big to me here.

This was so fun playing peekaboo with them!

I love this picture!!

I have no words....

It has been FOR-EVER since we all had our pics taken as a family. I wanted to get a family picture done to decorate our basement and also to do our Christmas cards (and take advantage of this AMAZING deal!) So, here are a few of the results! I am quite pleased!

What do you think? Do you send out Photocards? Do you include a letter?


Chastity Gomez said...

i LOVE the ones by the doors! Super cute!

Alicia said...

Those photos are awesome! You have a very talented photographer!

We're doing the freebie photocard thing this year but I'll probably still write a few sentences on the back of each one. I like the personal touch of a handwritten note!

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