Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, our beloved dryer died the first week of Sept. I have to admit that doing laundry is one of my least favorite chores (chore being the accurate word) around the house. I can normally get it washed and dried - even folded, it's the putting it away part that gets me hiccuped.

But, since our dryer has broken I have enjoyed hanging it out on the line (don't tell nate!). There is something so happy about seeing little Liv's clothes hanging in a row. (i mean seriously - i never imagined I'd be taking pics of laundry! :)

I began to think about it. We're in November now. We have been without a dryer for 3 and a half months. The Lord has not given us a "new" dryer yet, but He HAS given us delicious weather that has allowed us to dry our clothes outside. Isn't He good!? Even when we think he's not answering our prayers (that truthfully I haven't been praying about enough) He is still taking care of us!

I love it! I love that He cares about little 'ol me in birdsboro, pa. I love this beautiful fall that He's given us, and I LOVE looking at His provisions hanging out on the line.


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