Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Owen

I love this little kid! Owen turned 2 (can you even believe it??) on August 21st. (I am a little behind!). We started out the morning with our Birthday tradition of Pancakes in the shape of their birthday number. Sadly, the #2 I made broke while flipping it, but Owen didn't seem to mind as much as I did. :)

I asked Owen what kind of birthday party he would like this year and he said "Socka Monkey Party mommy!" So, off I went! These were the invitations I made. Owen LOVES his sock monkey! His Nana has made one for each of the boys. I found a picture of the cake that I wanted to make and then decided to modify it a little bit since no one really eats the cakes anyway! Why go to all the work!? So, I tried my hand at Fondant for the first time and I was so happy with the way it turned out! Owen saw his cake and said WOWEE!!

We are so thankful for our little boy! He is a lively, expressive little guy! We have enjoyed watching him grow up and learn his ABC's and little bible verses. He's a great little goofy boy!

Happy Birthday day Buddy! We love you!


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