Friday, September 11, 2009

Jackson and Owen's First Day of Preschool

Pledging to the Flag! (looks like he's reciting "O Captain, my Captain!"

Sitting at their "Learning Table"

This was the Color Red day! They wore red, had a red snack of strawberry Jam on bread and water in a red cup.

Under the Learning Tree.

Jackson and Owen started preschool this week - in our basement :)
We have had great fun this week learning/reviewing about the letter A, the color red, safety and stop signs etc... Here are a few pics of our "school area" and their first day.

I keep forgetting that you can't record vertically with my camera - so, just tilt your head a little :)


Karen said...

Your kid says "indivisible" better than I do!

Loved Owen's birthday decor, and little Liv is too darling!

You guys surely do make beautiful babies.

Shyla said...

You're sweet!

I thought I'd save the National Anthem for Kindergarten! LOL After seeing this video of himself he thinks he has to say the ending loudly every time now!!

Alicia said...

Great stuff, Shyla! Looks like you need to expand and charge money for such a stellar preschool class! It looks incredibly fun and well-organized. And what a super space with the learning tree. Kudos to you!

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