Saturday, June 13, 2009

Could I be anymore pathetic at blogging??

My excuse is 3 kiddos under three! :)

Well, 9 days after my last post, I gave birth to our BEAUTIFUL daughter Olivia Adeline. She weighed 6lbs, 10 oz. and was 21" long. Let me tell ya! This girl is delicious! She has slept through the night since the middle of her first week. She is 11wks old now and such a joy to have around! The boys LOVE her and comment to me often how "pretty she is mommy". They have been amazingly understandable of the time I have to spend with her. Jackson's only 'complaint' has been "why does she eat so much mommy!" (*as a side note, he thinks that I feed her with my belly button!LOL)

The boys are getting so big! Jackson is 3 now and Owen will be 2 in August. They both weigh the same but Jackson is a shy 2" taller than Owen.

Owen is talking up a storm! It's been so fun listening to him walk around the house all day singing "Jesus loves me" and "Happy birthday!" two of his faves! I just figured out the other day that he's been singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" soo cute!

Jackson has been a huge help to me. He is a great little guy who is a thinker like his daddy and talks to me all day long! We are praying that he accepts the Lord as his Savior at an early age.

Liv is so smiley! I have thoroughly enjoyed making hair bows, jewelry, decorating her nursery and watching her smile!! I love having a little girl! I may be inspired to open an Etsy store with all these fun creations!!

We are so thankful that God has entrusted us with these little gifts.


Carrie said...

yes 3 kids under 3 is a great excuse for not being on here as much, however we,ve missed you! That little girl is so adorable...just like your boys, but different. have fun making memories!

ruth said...

Shyla, it's good to have you back, but I'm sure everyone understands what's been keeping you busy. You truly are blessed with such sweet little ones!

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