Monday, June 15, 2009

The beginnings of Liv's Nursery

This nursery has been my dream since I was pregnant with Jackson! :) I have wanted this vintage/shabby chic look for such a long time and this fabric was discontinued. I tried to get it on Ebay but people were asking R_I_D_iculous amounts for the fabric.
I had heard that a friend of mine was redoing her daughter's bedroom which had previously been this Rachel Ashwell fabric. I called her to see if she was selling it and SHE WAS!!!!!!!!

This is what the Lord provided for me for WAY less than I would have been able to pay and without all of the effort of having to custom make everything with my mother-in-law.... all custom made by my friend...
- canopy/curtains
- 2 panel drapes
- a rug
- 2 lamps
- picture frame
- chandelier
- twin duvet (FOR LATER!!!! wahoo!!)
- 4 or 5 pillow shams
- a bolster pillow
- memory board
- 2 curtain rods with finials
- twin bed skirt
- and twin sheet set!!!!

and the angels (and shyla) rejoiced!! I'll post more as i finish.

I love this picture of my mom and I.

This is the bow holder that I made for Liv...i think she may need another. :)

You can see what her room looked like before when it was the boys' room here


Kelli said...

Looks beautiful, Shyla!

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