Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break with Aunt Jenny

And so ends a fun break with Aunt Jenny. She was here for Spring Break from Northland. A LOOOONG 20 hr. trip, but we are so glad that she came! I was hoping that Baby #3 would make its appearance before she had to go back to school, but - alas, alack - I am still great with child. No complaints though! As much as I am looking forward to meeting our little one - at least at this point i can't hear the baby cry, it feeds itself, and there are no diapers to, needless to say, i am SLEEPING!!!!

Hopefully our next post will involve pics of our new little one...and hopefully we will have a name too! sheesh!


Katie Barker said...

Shyla - I saw the vote for baby names on google reader but not on the blog. So, if you care for my vote I like William Jefferson and Olivia Adeline. I'm not too into the extra H. Oh- and I like the Jefferson more than I like the william but that's just b/c I don't really like the nicknames Bill, Will, Billy, etc. So - all of that is very opinionated which is why you may have decided not to ask for anyone's input. I'm sure that you'll pick something awesome. Both your other boys are adorable, and they have great names. Can't wait to see pictures and here the verdict.

Heather said...

Hey there!! I am so glad you were able to spend time with your sister this past week! It is so refreshing to see family, isn't it? We will be in PA on the 24th of April. I would love to stop by. I will contact you the closer it gets and AFTER you have the baby!!! :)

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