Tuesday, September 11, 2007

so far so good!

well, today is my first official day home alone with the boys. my mom and sister went to a friend's house for a lunch date, so i have had the boys. This has been a good morning. Maybe the Lord is easing me into this whole new routine. I got up, had breakfast, fed jackson, played with him and read a book while owen still slept. Jackson laid down for a nap, owen laid on the couch and contently looked around the room for 40 minutes while i picked up the house (minus my bedroom, but nathan's gone for the week in FL and i have some time before i have to have that in tip top shape.) Owen just fell asleep and I am about to go take a nap. I could live with this!!!

More adventures with Jackson Chase... he now finds it interesting to stick his breakfast, lunch and dinner up his nose. AH yes! A couple of days ago i suctioned out a hunk of his sandwich out of BOTH nostrils! sheesh!!

Nathan is in Orlando for a sales meeting this week. Check this out!! He has a Hummer for a rental car (cost just as much as a minivan...so why not!!?) He is in an amazing hotel - Embassy Suites at Beuna Vista and has a spacious suite all to himself. He is in mtgs. all day today and then tonight they go to Cirque de Soleil. Then tomorrow, they have a half day of mtgs. and spend the rest of the day at EPCOT. Thursday, they have a half day of mtgs. and then they golf for the remainder of the day. Thankfully nate is coming home when they all go golfing b/c he doesn't golf. Plus, they eat at amazing restaurants! He works for a great company - sounds like a week of meetings i could handle! :) I certainly miss having him home, but i am excited for him that he gets to experience such fun things!

ok, well i need to go be wise and take a nap. Alicia...boys ARE great! You will love having a little boy...even if they do enjoy doing gross things! That's what makes them so great! (i am not looking forward to having dead animals and bugs brought to me in the house though!)


Alicia said...

Shyla: Thanks for the personal disclaimer for me! You have got to start sharing some of the cute and non-gross things that little boys. :) Dead bugs I could so handle but food up the nose? I don't think so!

Sounds like Nathan needed to pack you and boys in his suitcase for his meetings in FL! What a blast!

Alicia said...

oops, forgot the word "do" in the sentence "You have got to start sharing some of the cute and non-gross things that little boys do". Lo siento.

Rohrer Family said...

Hey you!! You make me laugh about your Jackson stories.. the sandwich up the nose was too much. I can just picture his sweet little face looking at you like, 'What? Is something wrong?' when you noticed the problem. I want to come by this week and see you all--maybe Thursday?? I'll give you a call. If that doesn't work out, we will hopefully see you on Sunday. :)

WILD GHESE said...

just weed out the dead creatures that could have rabies. been there, done that. shots are no fun.

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