Tuesday, September 18, 2007

how annoying!

i could have gone most of my pregnancy without eating. i was rarely hungry. in reality, i was probably too busy to think about being hungry, even if i was. when i did eat...it was apples, cheese, triscuts...nothing too bad for me.

so what gives!!? now that i have decided to be working out on a regular basis and watching my food choices and water intake - i am STARVING all of the time!! I mean, i understand why (breastfeeding, raised metabolism..) but sheesh! i am ready to gnaw my leg off!! And Chocolate!! Oh my! today has been killer! I mean, i like chocolate, but i can go months without it - but today, i literally have been praying that this craving will go away. weird. correction...annoying. Apples aren't cutting it folks! :) But i haven't given in. I even went to the grocery store and stared at all of the cookies in the cookie aisle, but couldn't bring myself to buy any! :)

so, any of you out there struggling like this? :) C'mon, even if you're not, make something up and make me feel better~ teehee!


Heather said...

First let me commend you for not buying the cookies!! Good for you!! It isn't easy is it?? i work in an office where there is always food and always lunch brought in, it is so easy to cheat and so hard to eat healthy.

Hang in there and keep up the good work!

TwoMuths said...

yep. starving, exercising, dieting, etc. for 13 months. and I've still got 15 plus pounds of pregnancy weight. and. I. only. gained. 23. total.

Frustrated? girlie, you know it.

(sorry I don't have anything encouraging to share!)

samantha said...

Hey Shyla---I did the same thing after all 3 of my boys---I think alot of it is the nursing---I drank hot chocolate (still do) it helped with the chocolate craving and actually filled me up. I still do it!! Maybe it will help!!

Alicia said...

I'm with you in some respects. I haven't found myself to be nearly as hungry for this second pregnancy. Though I do still need a chocolate fix occasionally. Lately I've been buying fat and sugar free chocolate pudding and making that when I get the chocolate urge! I also have a recipe for lower fat brownies that I make to get my fix.

Hang in there, girl and keep up the consistent exercise! I also think you should let yourself have some actual cookies once in a while. I mean, c'mon, you're nursing and you're running around after Jackson. That's got to be consuming all your energy!

Reads said...

I remember being at a bonfire last summer roasting s'mores and making the same comment. Audrey was just a couple months old; and I remember saying, I was much more hungry while nursing than I ever was while I was pregnant. Hang in there, you are normal (or at least I struggled with the same thing). My advice, probably not that encouraging, have some chocolate! Although Adam bought me a t-shirt that said "My inner child needs chocolate," that is so true for me!!

Karen said...

Finally. I was beginning to wonder whether you were normal. It seems as though you are.

My philosophy of health is that once in awhile (those being the key words), you congratulate yourself with a sweet treat. Personally, the longer I deny my cravings, the more intense they become. Most of the time, a handful of chocolate chips or a few Hershey kisses will do the trick and at least take my mind off of it. But if you're like I am, you have to make sure you DO only take that handful, that one cookie, etc... and not polish off the whole bag! :)

Tricia said...

I'm with you Shyla. I felt like I hardly hungry when I was pregnant and even right after I had Sydney, but- Wa-bam - not so anymore. I try to convince myself to eat the healthy stuff, but then usually end up eating it and then a little treat as well on the side. Very clever of me...not really! =) I'm sure you'll be fine with the occasional treat, especially since you're breatfeeding and exercising.

Erin Neiner said...

Good to hear from you!! Wow...I am a no-bones about it chocolate lover. BUT, while I was pregnant, I could take it or leave it. When nursing ("full time"), it didn't agree with Jack so I had to be really careful! I don't mess around now...I am a 70% chocolate person! I allow myself like a square a day (my fav is the Lindt 70% bar). And studies are saying the dark stuff is good for you! (in moderation, of course) So I am thinking that your hunger is 100% nursing (way to go!!!) and working out and having a toddler!!!! Now is NOT the time to go low fat to lose weight. Your body is burning a ton of extra calories already. Go healthy more than anything!! You want those good fats and proteins in your diet for Owen! And it will fill you up more! And, thanks for that advice you wrote about when Jackson unloaded his neat and tidy drawer!!! I SO needed that!! Why is it sooo easy to lose focus! I always swore to myself I wasn't going to be the type of parent that freaked out about the spilled milk at the table, yet I can see how easy it is to become that way!! :) OK, good "talking" to you...sorry so long!! :)

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