Friday, September 28, 2007

updates and blessings...

lots has been happening here in the rohrer home. owen has gained 1lb 9oz in 9 days! that's been really exciting. he's doing great and so is little jackson. he is getting 2 molars now and another front tooth (i know, i know exciting:P)

i was sitting in my cute little house the other day and was looking around and i was struck with all of the things that the Lord has provided for us. You know, sometimes it's easy to think about all of the things that you need, but not think about all of the things that you already have!

we were given another crib for owen
the boys have been given so many nice clothes - new and used.
most of jackson's toys have been given to him.

well, it is now Oct. 8th...yes, that's how long it's taking me to get a post up these days! I dropped our camera b4 owen was born, so this poor child will be lacking childhood pics. i grabbed a disposable camera at walmart the other day, so i have been snapping shots of the boys and will need to scan them into the computer so i can post them. I can't believe how old fashioned these cameras are to me!! I keep forgetting to wind in between pictures!! LOL

Owen is growing like a weed and sleeping like an angel! The boys are great and i am thankful for them. Jackson is becoming very "helpful". He enjoys picking up his clothes off of the floor and taking them to the dirty clothes hamper. He was so "helpful" the other day that he figured out how to open his bottom drawer and emptied it for me...right after i had organized his clothes IN the drawer! I have found that having a long fuse and healthy sense of humor makes those little situations tolerable and not earth shattering! :) (who cares if his drawers are neat anyway, right? no one else sees them but me! :)

We are down to one computer again and our high speed days are over. So, these blogs will be few and far between until I am not nursing owen so often. Then i will have a better chance to get on the computer btw that and nate needing his computer for work.

anyway, i read all of your blogs everyday...there are about 50 or more on my google reader!! thanks for keeping me busy during my nursing days! :) i enjoying reading how you all are doing and envy those of you who can put up 5 posts in a single day...(karen!)


Karen said...

Hey, let's not exaggerate! We all know it takes just a couple minutes with high-speed! Besides, both sets of Livvie's grandparents are out-of-state updates are in high demand! :)

Alicia said...

Hee-hee. Thanks for your ever funny posts! Wow, I don't think I could go back to a regular camera again. It's so very convenient to see how the picture turns out right away and then erase it if it's a dud.

That's awesome that Owen is sleeping well! Are you getting in the groove of being a mom of 2?

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