Thursday, September 06, 2007

i love jackson

He's such a great little boy! he's been referring to Owen as "eye-yen" for the last week and a half. Every time we say "O"wen he responds with "eye-yen". He'll point to owen, or owen's things and say his version of his baby brother's name. It's adorable.

So, a couple of days ago he we finally got him to say "O" (which he says for other words...just not owen) but now he looks at owen and says "O" but leaves off the "wen". He'll get it! I am just impressed at his verbal development over the past month or so.

He's such a fun little boy.

on a separate note - owen has been awake since 6:30am and has just laid quietly on my bed looking around...interrupted shortly by a bout of the's 8:43am and i haven't heard a peep out of him yet!! AMAZING!!


Alicia said...

That's so cute about Jackson saying Owen's name! I'm sure he'll get it one of these days. Until then, I bet it's heart-warming to hear him try!

So glad God blessed you with a good sleeper the second time around! I'm praying our second bambino will be just as a great a sleeper as Chloe was (and still is).

Carrie said...

A secound child will do that to the older one at least it worked for Caleb. Maybe that is what Titus needs to get him to start talking -jk. I'm so glad Owen is doing so well and it's been a nice adjustment.

Tricia said...

That's too cute. Calvin is quite creative with Sydney's much as we try we cannot get him to say it correctly. So, it comes out like "Sindy whale" instead of Sydney Noel. Also, when he's excited it sounds like Sin-DAY! Too funny, I need to get it on video before he figures out how to really say her name. I'm glad everything is going so smoothly for you. Sounds like Owen is a little sweetie!

nate, christina, and connor said...

very cool. but i have to say it.... you are too spoiled!! :~)

Katie said...

That's so funny! I hope we pick a name that Luke can pronounce well. When I think of one I like, I usually have him say it to check it out . But, he insists that we're naming the baby, "Baby Curious George."

I'm glad things are going so well for you! I'm on my knees every night praying for a second baby boy like Owen! Luke was not so passive as a baby, so it would be great! :)

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