Tuesday, June 12, 2007

memorial weekend at the beach

"sweet mom! i am ready to hit the shore!! let's roll."

I love this pic

el preggo et my boyo!
(sue me! i am from canada! sheesh!)

all-time favorite jackson pic!!

a little self portrait to end the day
(my head always ends up looking enormous!)


Katie said...

I like the self portrait! You did well to not include your arm in the pic. I always hate that.

Sara said...

Hello fellow preggo!! When are you due? I tried to catch up with you and skimmed down a ways, but never found a due date. 5 lbs!!! That is unreal! I wish I could say the same, but I am currently at 17, I believe. I am 30 weeks, due August 26th and having a BOY! Cool that you haven't found out. I wish I could say that I will try to keep it a surprise next time, but fat chance. I am a PLANNER all the way--can't stand that someone else (a dr) would know and not me. Dumb, I know, but that's me:) Hope you are doing well. Your little man is SO precious!! Makes me excited about greeting my little man SOON!!

Alicia said...

Love Jackson's cool suit! Very sun-wise. :) Are you that close to lake erie? Sorry, I'm horrid at east coast geography . . . . I don't believe you're 31 weeks already! You can NOT have only gained 5 lbs.!?! I'm sure I've gained that already and I'm only 11 weeks along. Ah well, I'm happy for you. Keep us posted on the pregnancy! How is Jackson liking your belly?

Karen said...

Cutie-patootie suitie, Jackson!
And you, too, Mama!

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