Tuesday, June 12, 2007


ok, so i realize that i haven't blogged in a long time. i guess we all go through these stages where we are still checking in everyone else's lives but feel as though there is nothing to say about our own. So, in that case, i feel as though i am a "faithful blogger" b/c i still check everyone else's everyday...but i guess i should write something here for you...it's only fair, right?

well, i am in the home stretch of this pregnancy! 10 more weeks until baby rohrer #2 arrives. not really sure exactly what we are having. i have felt like it was going to be a girl the whole time and it only seems right that it should be a girl (right?) since we already have a boy...it's only logical! :) but, seeing that there is only 1 girl among 5 boys in nathan's family...i have some pretty strong boy genes workin' inside me! So, we'll see! I would LOVE jackson to have a little brother to run around with - not to mention that i am currently in boy mode. stay tuned! we'll have to wait and see! :)

jackson is the light of my life!! he is such a fun, happy little boy! he loves being outside and is ALL boy. He loves digging in the dirt, sweeping the porch, and generally mimicking any work activity that nathan is doing outside. he would rather push the stroller than ride in it - so that's been fun to watch!

I have only gained 5 lbs with this pregnancy! - no lie! i would like to thank mu son Jackson Chase for that! I hardly sit all day. By this time with jackson i had gained 27 - but i was sitting all day at a desk and eating out everyday. Sure does make a difference!!! So, theoretically i should be gaining a pound a day for the next 10 weeks and i am pretty comfortable with a 10 lbs weight gain at this point! :) This pregnancy hasn't been without it's aches and pains though - - but different this time. this time i am dealing with the round ligament pulling constantly. So, i have waddled sooner :) and slept less, but it's all training for the next baby, right!?

ok, well i need to go. this little one inside me is kicking away and i need to move to a more comfortable spot.

see y'all!


WILD GHESE said...

do you think it could be another boy???

Abby Turner said...

Here's hoping you have a little girl - one of each would be so lovely - but I can see where you are coming with being in boy mode already! Praying for an uneventful remainder of your pregnancy! I have 3 weeks (hopefully less at this point) left, so I know how you are feeling!!

Shyla said...

i do think that it may be another boy. i guess we'll have to see. it would be a lot better for us financially since we are already in boy mode! :) we'll see! i am feeling just fine! 10 more weeks!

Doesn't love a wall said...

Girl!!! you stink. I gained 45 pounds with Madeline!!

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