Tuesday, June 26, 2007

man...i am a negligent blogger as of late. i guess there is a difference b/w reading everyone's blogs everyday and actually writing on my own! DUH! :)

I have 8 weeks left until i am a mommy x 2! 6 weeks if you count my due date that they moved up - but i am staying with the original due date as to not go crazy thinking that the baby is "over due!"

So, anyone got a constipated kid out there? Random question...perhaps - but that has really been the extent of my life for the last few months. I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING. So, any suggestions?


Carrie said...

Have you tried mineral oil? Sam has had that problem from time to time, and we would just give him a little mineral oil in a medicine dropper, mixed with a little juice, and it seemed to help. (I'm not sure on the proportions--maybe 1/2-1 tsp.--just a guess.) The baby food prunes once a day or so might also be helpful. Just a few ideas . . . but you've probably already tried them!

Can't believe you are getting so near to the end of your pregnancy! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying your summer. :)

journeyer said...

I too can't believe it's so soon. Wow. Do we get to see any pix of you and the little one?

TwoMuths said...

The thing that works best for us is a boatload of fruit. Not just the juice, the fruit too! Watermelon worked yesterday! :-) (It was accidental, i assure you)

Heather said...

I can't believe that you are so close to having your second little one!!! Are you feeling pretty good?

I always used fruit...lots of it. You probably already tried that though. What does his doctor say?

Alicia said...

Baby prune juice or diluted regular prune juice always did the trick for Chloe. Good luck!

WOW, seems like your pregnancy has flown by! Has it gone by quickly for you?

Anonymous said...

HI Shyla, I'm not a mommy...yet, but I was a nanny for 2 years for 2 very constipated little girls. Their parents tried everything under the sun to naturally get things "flowing" when that never worked they used baby suppositories (sp) and that always did the trick. But my mother-in-law says to try PLUM juice it tastes better and does as well as prune juice... oh and lots of water helps too.
ps our baby is due Oct. 31!! We are having a girl... Most likely her name will be Abigail Faith.
~Becky Adams

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