Wednesday, February 21, 2007

my turn...and HOW!! (grab your coffee - it's a long one.)

So, lots has gone on I guess in the last week. Jackson is FINALLY better - diaper rash is gone (HALLELUJAH!!) and life was seemingly back to normal. UNTIL

Friday afternoon, I woke up and my eye was itchy - no biggie, until friday night my eye hurt so badly that I had a headache. huh.

Saturday I woke up and my eye was worse - pink eye?? I wasn't really sure b/c I have never had pink eye before.

Sunday AM - Swollen shut. Sheesh! Went to church Sunday night, both eyes were infected. NOT FUN. Throat feels faintly scratchy, started to feel a little pressure in my ears. (Ignore and it will go away)

Monday - It did not go away. It knocked me out!! I laid on the couch all day monday ...ALL DAY...except to change jackson's diaper. He was a great little boy and even looked at one of his little books for fun for 15 minutes. However, he decided this day that he would only take a half hour nap - ONCE - SAD>

Tuesday - I decided that it was necessary to go to the dr. So i made an appointment.Nate's mom picked up jackson for the day so i could go to the Dr. and then GO HOME AND SLEEP
Verdict - Double pink eye, throat infection, Double ear infection, swollen lymphnodes and a partridge in a pear tree!!


3pm - I went to Walmart to have my prescription filled. They said that it would be ready in 15-20 min. (right.)

3:25pm - I went to pick up meds - gave them my name, they asked for my prescription card, I gave it to them - He asked me to step to the side so he could help someone else while they entered a number off of my card. I went and sat down on the bench infront of their window.

3:35 - nothing

3:45 - nothing

3:55 - deep frustration settles in. The same man has been helping other people but has failed to acknowledge me enough to even say - "it'll just be a few more minutes"

4pm - I walk to the parmacist window and 3 workers walked by me and ignored me. the man from the counter i had been dealing with walked over and as me as if he had never seen me before if there was anything that he could help me with. YA THINK???? I asked if they were done with my card and he said "OH, is this your card? I am sure they're done with it by now." he handed it to me and began to walk away.

4:10pm - "BUT what about my medicine???" "You haven't received your meds yet?" no moron! i am standing here bleary eyed for fun!!
"Well, let's get that taken care of for you, shall we?"

4:15pm - He asked me for my last name, entered it into the computer and said "oh, your order is critical, it will be ready in a few moments" pardon?? a few moments it has been an hour and 15mins already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't you see that i am dizzy, tired and I am SUPPOSED TO BE SLEEPING RIGHT NOW!!!! ARGHGHHHHH!!! "alright" i said and sat back down.

at 4:35pm I STILL had to go back up to the counter and ask for my meds. They never told me they were ready, they never cared to apologize for my inconvenience. I took my meds, walked out of the store livid. I got home, opened the bag and THEY WERE PREMADE BOTTLES OF MEDS FROM THE FACTORY!!! NOTHING THEY HAD TO MIX< NOTHING THEY HAD TO DO BUT PUT IT IN A BAG....I will NEVER get my prescription there again!!

So, here we are wednesday, antibiotics finally in my system, but still can't tell if anything is working yet. I feel the same as i did the first day. This too shall pass - hopefully quickly!!
Bright side - being on the couch so much i have learned that The cosby show's on more than you would think! :)

Hope you and yours are doing well.
bye bye


Karen said...

ick! i had that once--it's no cakewalk! and as for the customer NON-service... argh! my face got hot as i read! hope you're feeling better soon!

The Richard Family said...


What a day - I am sorry you had to deal with that...I had a TERRIBLE experience with the Wal-mart pharmacy too...I will never go there again!! I miss you girl - how are you feeling?

Don and Christy said...

That is extremely frustrating!!!! I hate bad service, almost as much as I hate stupid people. I hope you get better soon! We will be praying for you.

Heather said...


So sorry that you are not feeling well. We had that same problem at Walgreen's a few weeks ago. Both the kids had pink eye, double ear infections and sinus infections. I was so livid with the worker there. They just didn't seem to care that I went through the drive through every 10 minutes to see if my meds were ready. You would think they would get the point eventually!!!

Hope you feel better soon!!! Did Jackson get it too??

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

What a bummer Shyla. I hope you start feeling better soon. I'm glad you have some antibotics you can take while being pregnant. Sure hope it doesn't spread to the rest of your family! Take care of yourself.

Sauers said...

that stinks! Hope you are feeling better soon. That is not fun, especially being pregnant! hope the antibiotics kick in and make you feel a lot better!

nate, christina, and connor said...

poor baby, shy. i know a really good nasty letter writer if you need to send a few to that pharmacy. :) hope it goes away soon!

journeyer said...

poor dear. I did love the cosby line though. You do have that wonderful sense of humor that makes all of us laugh at your tales.
Hope you're feeling better soon. Katie B.

Tricia said...

Shyla, hope those antibiotics are kicking in good now. I just went though the same type of sickness but neglected to get meds, so I'm just now finally completely better two weeks later. Rest, rest, rest as much as you can!

Kelli said...

Not a fun experience even if you weren't so sick! I hope you get to feeling 100% very quickly! Glad that Jackson is such a good baby and also that Grandma lives close by.

Alicia said...

How horribly frustrating! That's wal-mart for you though. We try to avoid wally world at all costs. So sorry to hear about your experience. :( Get your rest, dear! Can anyone give you a jackson break so you can rest for another day? Wow, I don't believe you went to church on Sunday! You are one tough mama!

WILD GHESE said...

hurray for Cosby!

Brian said...

sorry bout your bad experience however as a child growing up in Canada-I longed for Pink Eye...your eye was a little crusty but you didnt have to go to school because you were so contagious. I used to wake up and rub my eye until it was that weird?haha

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