Saturday, February 24, 2007

blessings big and small

So, we all think that we have the best husbands in the world...
That being said, i know that i do!!

For the last 8 weeks or so i have been VERY nauseous with this little bundle. When I was pregnant with Jackson I had aversions to things like: raw meat, eggs. This time it has been to more bizarre things - one of which is doing the dishes. Seriously! Even being in the kitchen near the sink send sme gagging to the bathroom! So, my dear husband has stepped up and helped me do the dishes night after night.

I have basically spent this ENTIRE week on the couch, knowing full well that Jackson has been crawling on a carpet that hasn't been vacuumed since last saturday when i got sick (it is normally vacuumed everyday), and that Nathan is going to come home from work to a bombshell of a house - and then have to make his own dinner to boot. Poor guy. Atleast I still had options that I could tell him to cook from the couch. :)

Jackson did not sleep well last night. He woke up at 2am and wanted to play until 4:30am and then didn't fall asleep until 5am or so. Nathan got up with him this morning when he decided to wake up at 6:50am (sheesh) and take care of him so I could sleep. AW. In that time he bussled around the house, fed jackson, gave him a bath after a major AM blowout. I crawled out of bed and into the shower and when I came out our bed was made and even the pillows were neat (i don't know how your husbands feel about decorative pillows, but i love them and nate basically looks at them as allergens!)

Then he worked all day in the basement mixing concrete and them spreading it on our basement floor in an effort to level it. I could tell that he was tired, but now he's at the grocery store getting groceries for us.

He's just a hard worker. Plain and simple. I appreciate him so much. So, tonight i took advantage of the fact that i can't smell anything and asked the Lord to help me not to puke...and i did the dishes for him tonight so he'd have a small blessing when he gets home. Aw, what a nice sick girl:).

Onto other things.

I got inspired this afternoon to make some baby food for jackson. I have been grinding/mashing my own food for a while, but I normally just mash up whatever we are eating, so i haven't gotten into the whole making batches at a time. But, today i glanced at Jenny Muth's blog and decided that i have a ton of veggies in the freezer, and i bit the bullet and spent an hour or so in the kitchen and now we have ready to go green beans, peas, squash, corn, and carrots. Cool! However, i did burn the bottom of my pan when I was steaming the veggies (i got busy doing something else.)grrr.
Then, i was making stir fry for dinner and decided just to make a small amount of rice to go with it. So, i figured out the amounts and times and walked away to let the rice cook. BUT! 10 minutes later the smoke alarm went off and my kitchen was filled with smoke and i couldn't figure out what could possibly be on fire!! IT WAS THE RICE!! I forgot to turn down the heat to simmer - yet another pan burned by me today! Sheesh! I don't know if it's the antibiotics or pregnancy brain!!

Anyway, i need to tend to the man child. I PRAY he's not getting sick! That will be all i need....doesn't the Lord know though!? :)

Have a good Sunday!


Alicia said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear about your current struggles! Sometimes I feel like my husband is way more of a helpmeet to me than I am to him! Praise the Lord for the partners He's given us in this life. Yay for your homemade baby food! Bummer about Jackson waking so early. Is he teething or somethign?

Shyla said...

i have NO idea! :) everytime he does something out of the ordinary, we blame it on teething...yet, not a tooth in sight!!

WILD GHESE said...

good story, sounds like you've got a good guy!

WILD GHESE said...

if I was there, I'd vacuum for ya.

partyofsix said...

i am pretty impressed that you vacuum every day. seriously i need to. anna picks up EVERYTHING and gets it in her mouth quicker than i can blink. oh well... it builds up her immune system. - i have one of those "dust buster" vacuums and i have the big kids take turns around the table after meal time. - just wait til you can delegate some of your house hold chores to jackson! (by then i am sure you will be on your eighth child or so.)

anyways CONGRATULATIONS on being pregnant. i guess i didn't realize that. what a dummy i am. sorry. how wonderful! babies/children are such amazing blessings.

i look forward to birthing a child some day (God willing) but reading your blog makes me thankful that i am not pregnant at this point... God knows i wouldn't be able to handle it.

well, thanks for all your prayers and support for us. our God is powerful. i am anxious to see what He is going to do as well.

love, janelle

TwoMuths said...

So,'d you get the burned pan back to normal? you know, just in case I might need that for Future Reference...

Or maybe I need some help with that right now. Dumb squash.

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