Thursday, December 07, 2006


Jackson has bronchitis! You would never know it thought (except for his cough) he is an incredibly happy baby! He is on a nebulizer for breathing treatments 4x's a day etc... etc.
I am actually at the library frantically typing since Jackson has decided to wake up and I am now unable to do the post i drove here to do! :) Such is life. Pics will have to come another time.

I went to a Point of Grace Christmas Concert with Nathan and some friends last week! It was nice to get out. However, Nathan thought that it was rather hokie! :) There was a drawing for an Ipod Shuffle. You had to text your email address to the announcer and then at intermission they would dial a phone and whoever they called would win. I wasn't going to do it b/c I knew that it was just for Spam...but at the last second I entered. When it came time for the drawing, he dialed the phone number.... and my phone started ringing!!! I WON THE IPOD!!! WOOHOO!!

OK, jax is crawling all over the library...gotta run!


journeyer said...

I can't believe you actually won! That's craziness.

Alicia said...

Poor Jackson! What a blessing that his spirits are still good during his illness though. Is he sleeping ok at night? Congrats on the ipod!

Shyla said...

alicia - he's sleeping just fine at night. i have the vaporizer running and the crib tilted. i truly am blessed.

Kelli said...

Hope Jacksonn is feeling better! Poor little guy! That is AWESOME about the Ipod!!

Heather said...

I totally remember tilting the crib and running a vaporizer!!! So glad to hear that he is still a happy little guy!!!

Cool Ipod!

Anonymous said...

Crazy about the Ipod! I have heard Point of Grace's christmas songs on the radio and they are really pretty.

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