Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My mom and my sister were able to make it out to PA to visit us for my birthday on the 24th! It was sooooo good to see them. We shopped till we dropped on Friday and we enjoyed a lot of fun times together.
Nathan has gotten a lot of progress done on our basement (we are in the process of refinishing it). IT is taking some time since he can only work on it after he gets home from work, but I am amazed at how talented this "Mr. Fix it" is that I married!! :)

Yay, Jackson has thrush again - so I am onto natural remedies this time - Any of you all dealt with thrush in your little ones?? You would never know he has it - he's not cranky, still eats etc...so I have been taking a probiotic and jackson's been hitting the acidophilous yoyo baby yogurt! ;)

No teeth as of yet, but he is standing on his own (holding onto the couch that is) and crawling to my dismay is soon on it's way! If that isn't a motivator to keep the kitchen and bathroom floors clean as a whistle (not that whistles are really clean i guess....) - i don't know what is.

This is an incredibly busy week for me - not bad, just busy. We are having our annual Sunday School Christmas fondue party this weekend and there is a lot to do!! In April we have a Ladies' Seminar at our church and I guess in the years that I have been at HP there have been about 400 or so ladies that come. I am leading the music and also doing a fun workshop of sorts on a decorative "something" (because I haven't decided exactly what I am going to do yet....) for the ladies to do for fun. I am thinking about doing a decorative Spring Door arrangment (in a flat metal basket...) Any ideas??? I am sure that I will ask for your help again if no one reads this. My challenge is to make it something that all types of women, from all types of decorating or non decorating backgrounds can do and enjoy. OI!! :)

Well, i will post some recent pics when I have a chance! Hope you all had a great holiday! We sure did!!


Jen & Mark said...

hey i was reading on down about the 1/2 birthday - and in my class the summer birthdays get to celebrate on their 1/2 birthday. this is mainly for me 'cause my birthday is june 13 and i want presents, but the problem that poses itself is that then its dec. 13 and christmas is right around the corner. oh well. i guess that i can't win. and jackson's pics are so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shyla, I am glad you were able to make good use of that poem. I won't be needing it anytime soon. Just friends. I think you know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

nice to see that you are doing well and making babies. carm showed me the blog, pretty cool. I am busy with our little guy, seminary and work. I started a deck building business in june and it looks good for this coming year. your babe is really cute, and i am sure that you are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry to hear that jackson has "thrush" i have never heard of that. that is too bad.

you are quite the busy lady. how do you do it all... my creative side has sort of "died".


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