Thursday, November 02, 2006

hey there, ho there!

Here is first time in my highchair!!

Me and my momma!
One cute little chicken!!

Family pic....I LOVE his little tie!!

So, I feel like I can't post anymore unless I have pics to show. So, I am breaking down and posting without pics (i think...haven't decided whether to forfeit sleep for uploading...)

- Jackson's 5 1/2 months old and a JOY of a baby!! I love spending all day at home with him.
- He is scooting all over the livingroom....if that isn't motivation to keep the floors clean...I don't know what is!
- He woke up with Thrush last weekend. I never wouldn't have known that he was "sick" but I noticed it right after he woke up and I had just read about it in my "what to expect..." book that week. He's doing fine. Smiley, no trauma!

- Everything here in PA is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the all of the changing colors of the Fall. We got Jackson's pics taken by our good friend and I have only seen them on her camera - but they are BEAUTIFUL!! I will have to scan them for you to see when she develops them.

- Jackson was a little Chicken for Halloween. I got his costume on ebay for $4!! They had a costume of a little hotdog that i thought was hilarious - but i didn't think that "little weiner" was a nickname that Nate or Jackson would have appreciated!! LOL

- OH!!! Deal of the century....for us anyway!! :) We have wanted a Baby Bjorn for a while to carry Jackson in but when we didn't get one off of our registry like we were hoping :) we knew it would be a while to buy one. Anyway, I looked and looked on ebay for one and couldn't find one cheap enough to buy. So, I was walking around a store looking for a bday present for Nathan and wandered up to the baby stuff (naturally!) I noticed a ripped box under a clearance table and it was a BABY BJORN marked as $39.90 down from $99.99!!!! WOOOHOO!! I checked it out for all of the pieces and they were there!! So, the Lord provided even when we didn't ask!!

- Nathan turned 28 on the 30th! I am so thankful for him. I always thought that he was a great guy - but it's so nice to know how wonderful he really is! We are blessed to have godly husbands, ladies!

ok, i will try to post pics now.... here it goes!


Tricia said...

It's good to hear from you Shyla...not like I update any more often though! That's exciting to hear about your great deal on the baby bjorn...we used ours all the time and I just found one on clearance like that for my friend's baby shower. They are great. Glad to hear that everything is going well. Jackson is adorable as always.

Sarah said...

Jackson is SO CUTE - love the costume too=) That's quite the deal on the baby bjorn - I always love finding great deals like that!

TwoMuths said...

I love his little tie (and the drool that accompanies...) it's always good to see pics. You are such a cute little family!!!

Libby said...

Shyle - I love your blog! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

It's good to see that you are back to blogging. You have been missed.

ashley said...

Oh, I so wish I could spend time with your little guy! I just want to hug him in that chicken costume...he's so cute!! So glad you are enjoying him!

Erin Neiner said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to the post you left on my blog. I had a little detour to the hospital and had a baby!!! Jack was born on Oct 27th...just one week old now! But I just wanted to say "hey!" I should be taking a nap right now...but got stuck catching up with people's blogs! You and Nate look great...and Jackson is too cute!! Really! And I cannot believe he has already gotten 2 haircuts!! What a riot! I just love your "style"...especially the nursery! It is so beautiful! You guys look great!


Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla, I love the pics. Hard to believe that is the same baby that threw up on me only a few shorts months ago. Hope to see you all sometime soon.

Christina said...

Hey Shyla, Jackson is adorable and getting so big! I just wanted to let you know that if you ever can't find what you are looking for on eBay, I found another site you can go to. It's called Craig's list and once you get on their homepage you go to the far right and click on where you live and it will bring up what people are trying to sell in your area. I use it more than I do eBay! Here's the link...

Alicia said...

cluck cluck, love the little baby chicken! did he get to go out trick-or-treating or did he just dress up? glad to see the pictures of your beautiful little familia. you all are painted with God's joy. :) Isn't a little one a blessing?!? and it gets SO MUCH FUN as they grow older! enjoy and kepe us posted as he grows.

Abby Turner said...

Adorable as usual! Good to hear from you - I check your blog all the time to see how things are! I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. Jackson is looking so adorably cute and I LOVE the preppy look!

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