Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jackson's 5 months old today!! This calls for a Fall Outing!!

My Nike jumpsuit tastes yummy!!

Pretty good pic considering we used our timer for the 1st time!
Good thing Nate can run fast! :)
ok, my hair's really not this white!!

I love these pics!

Sittin' pretty...uh, handsome!

angel baby!
This is what jackson looked like when we got to the park..konked out and ready to ride!

Today, we decided instead of driving an hr. and a half to the Poconos for a fall outing, we would check out a park in our area to check out the leaves and take advantage of the crisp fall day. It's Jackson's 5month bday today and he has been a blast! He Loves being outside and we are looking forward to next summer and being able to take him bike riding! Just wanted to share these pics with everyone! It was a bright sunshiney day! (sorry to all you in buffalo and mo-town....brrrr!!)


Christina said...

Wow, 5 months! Time sure does fly! Jackson looks adorable, and you have such a beautiful family. I do miss the fall weather, but not the cold! I'm glad you guys are out enjoying it. :-)

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

Boy does time fly. Our neice was born the day before Jackson. They grow so fast. He's adorable!

Heather said...

Love the fall pictures!!! What a beautiful family picture!!!

Maybe I will be able to see him in person soon!!!

Carrie said...

Loved the pictures. I am so glad I just moved from Buffalo. They got 2 feet of snow and are still out of power. This morning it was 60 here and I pulled out a sweater because it felt cold compared to the 80 degree days we've been enjoying.

Alicia said...

5 months already?!? No way! I never believed moms that told it me it would go fast - boy are they right!

Great family pic! We hardly have any photos of the three of us. Did you all plan to wear coordinating colors? Very chic.

partyofsix said...

beautiful pictures! you all look so happy!!!

Jocelyn Pagano said...

I love the family pictures. I was going to ask about your hair in that one picture. Thanks for clarifying!

Mike said...

A beautiful baby boy. Nicole about killed me when she found out his name! I said "no" for offense. Please tell Nate hello from his old friend Mike Sherf (313-585-8131). Good to know you all are well.

WILD GHESE said...

That's great, family pics are the best. I can't wait to take some of my own...wait...better wait until I have kids.

Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla! Just letting you know I am back in action. The blogging shall now continue. By the way, I love the pics!

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