Thursday, May 04, 2006

One more day of gainful employment

Hey there friends,
Do you ever just surf through everyone else's blog - leaving comments, witty or otherwise - and feel as though you have been blogging that day only to realize you have posted on blogs all over the USA but not your own...? WELCOME TO MY WORLD! :)

It certainly has been a steady week here for me. I actually think that working half days is worse b/c you don't have a sense of accomplishment - just a lot of things started and some completed, but nothing truly getting completed! I hate that feeling! It's been hard to leave the office and go home without feeling like I have left something undone or forgotten something!! OH WELL! :)

Nathan finished painting the dresser that our friend Courtney gave us - it looks beautiful! I am so thankful that I have a handy hubby who can fix most anything and has such a drive for excellence (that even though i would be happy with slapping paint on a dresser) - he makes it his personal mission to make it the best it could be! We are good for each other :).

A friend of mine gave me her glider (Dance of JOY!!) and the crib is up! Things are starting to come together! ONLY 6 (please, Lord?!) DAYS LEFT until this babe can truly stretch out and this tired momma can breathe again!

Mother's Day is May 14th and I would REALLY like to have a baby by then! :) We are having baby dedications that day at church and I told Nathan that I would love to bring our little one to church for that (call me crazy!) but if it's not out - I have already decided that I will marcdh up there with my tummy and have it blessed anyway!!

I will take pics of the 39 wk tummy and post soon. I have a check up today - how fun would that be if i was already 5 cm dialated! What a dreamer I am! :)

It's gonna be 80 degrees here today, so I am taking my white....legs outside to meet Mr. Sun!

Have a happy Thursday!


TwoMuths said...

Shyla, you are a crack up. I can just see you walking up there for the pastor to "bless the tummy"

Glad everything's going together well for you guys, have fun working your LAST DAY!!! I can't wait for that day to come...

Praying for a safe, prompt and smooth delivery!

Karen said...

Our perfectionist hubbies are so alike! Sometimes it's kind of maddening (just PAINT it already!), but I'm always appreciative of his jobs-well-done. Is Nate as antsy as you are?

Sarah said...

Hey Shyla -
Your sister Jenny told me to check out your blog (I'm just now getting onto this whole blogging thing =). Josh and I are so excited for you guys! I hope all goes well on your big day (and that it gets here soon)!

Jo-G said...

Hey Rohrer family,
Sounds like your quite ready for baby rohrer to enter this lovely world. Do you have names picked out? I wasn't sure if its supposed to be a girl or boy so here's an option Jo-G for a boy and Jo-gina for a girl. Think it over and let me know. Talk to ya later

nate, christina, and connor said...

bless that baby! oh, shy, i remember the "no breathing" days so vividly. yuck! walking up the stairs was such a chore.
just remember to be patient. first babies can be stubborn. my doc told me at my last check up that i was dialated to only 1 cm and that i could stay that way for days. of course, that evening we met him at the hospital and out came connor!! i'll pray that for you sweets!

Katie said...

Shyla, you crack me up. Did you manage to dilate to 5cm without knowing it? :) I'm praying that you'll have the baby before Mother's Day. I'm so excited to find out what it is! (As I've stated many times before, I LOVED being surprised!)

I guess when the genes were being dolled out, Chris missed the "project/perfectionist/handman" gene. I paint pretty much everything and have even taken over anything requiring drilling. Ah, well I can't read Greek and Hebrew and am not learning German on top of all the other stuff Chris does, so I'm definitely not going to complain!

Post pics of your nursery along with your big ol' belly! :)

Christine Cummings said...

That would be so special if you could dedicate your baby on Mother's Day- you could always just come for that service and even leave early if it gets to be too much for you. I'm glad you are SO excited, this is such an amazing time of life for you! Enjoy every moment!

Tricia said...


We are so excited for you! I'm going to miss your regular blogging, since I'm sure you'll be quite busy at the get go at least, but we can't wait to find out about baby Rohrer. Every time I check your blog, I always think maybe I'll be finding baby pictures on here. Very soon! We'll be praying for your delivery!

Alicia said...

YEEHAW! Can you believe you only have 6 days left?!? Ditto to everyone's comments; add me to the list of excited mommies! :) That's so very cute of you to want to have your tummy blessed. If you get to have baby rohrer by then I'll pray you have the strength/stamina to make it to church. I'm sure you'll be floating on adrenaline for a little while. Praying for you! CAn't wait for you to join the happy ranks for sahm's!!!

Reads said...

I must admit, each time I check out your blog, I wonder, what I will find! Hope you enjoy that last day! I know that I will miss most of the people at my work, but I have to say I won't miss the work part!

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

Enjoy your last day Shy! I am very excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

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