Wednesday, April 19, 2006

76ers Game

I must start out this post by telling you all that I have the greatest boss in the world! He gave us his courtside, 6th row tickets to the 76er's game vs. Boston. okok.... It wasn't the Pistons, but if you really love ball, you'll go and watch! It was a really great time and I was glad to be able to be a part of this milestone in Nate's life! haha!!
Nate's very first pro-ball game!!
No, that is not an external hearing's his blue tooth!
C'mon! He's a professional!
"Ok Mo! We'll try to get a couple of baskets this time!!"
The" incredible"....AI (Alan Iverson)
"I wonder if I should try loosening my braids...maybe it would help my game...."
I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to University of Michigan Wolverine Chris Webber! He posed for this picture for me since he knew that I have been watching him for years! ;)


Katie said...

I'll have to point this post out to Chris. He'll appreciate the Chris Webber pic the most. Whenever we see him playing, he says to me, "Do you know where he went to school?" :)

It looks like you had such a fun weekend! What a awesome family and a nice shower it looked to be! You're making me want to have another baby. :) Hope you're still feeling great, and we're praying that baby will come soon! (You want it to, right?)

Now that you're almost to the finish line, are you excited to be surprised? Or do you still wish you knew what the baby was?

Alicia said...

I was just wondering if he wore a hearing aid. . . thanks for answering my question. I'm not a big bball fan but I can imagine how thrilling it would be to attend an nfl game. I've been to a few pro golf tournaments and they're pretty exciting. what a generous boss you have!

towle said...

oh shyla, you make me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Shyla said...

Katie -
I still wish that I knew what we were having, but with 2.5wks left.. it would be dumb to keep worrying about it! :) The surprise will be nice and the Lord will work everything out with getting things done and put away after the baby is here. Don't tell Chris I am making you want another baby...unless he doesn't care - in which case, you can tell him I was all for it! :)
You HAVE to be a Michigan fan if you're from MI and I lived so close it was only natural. Believe it or not, my mom's a die hard fan. I don't even call her when the game's on...not worth talking to a brick wall! :) She loves her "boys!!" Between Michigan and the Pistons - she still has room for us chillin's though! :)

pamela s said...

I love going to NBA games. Never been that close to the court though! Growing up, my family splurged on cable so that we could watch the Denver Nuggets! Philly is so much more into their NFL team than the NBA -- hardly any of their games are televised on regular (non cable)tv!

Karen said...

Wow--6th row courtside! My Nate will definitely DROOL when I tell him this!

Jo-G said...

Shy- I absolutely love C.Web, and was thrilled to see that you and Nate got such sick seats. That must of been incredible. I remember going to a hawks vs. heat game and sat behind the heat bench, so i know the view and its amazing.

Anonymous said...

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