Wednesday, April 19, 2006

update...37 down...3 to go...hopefully! :)

I have been trying to post pics for awhile and for some reason it's been giving me a hard time...anyway, this may end up being a long post filled with pics if all goes well!!
First off... Today marks 37 weeks!!! Thank you, Thank you!! I am looking forward to meeting this little dear who is cramping my internal organs - hope they work afterwards!!
Anyway, I had the greatest Easter weekend with my family here in PA! But, before I go into all of that, I guess I should start in chronological order so that I don't leave anything out.

- We spent the ENTIRE day cleaning, rummaging through boxes and boxes of stuff. Downsizing, goodwilling and doing anything we could to declutter our lives and organize the house before the baby and hoards of family members come through the house! :) I am severely sentimental and KEEP EVERYTHING - so that is my mission from now on to throw things away! It's been working out pretty well (since friday! LOL)

- Then Nate and I did speed groceries! I took my grocery list and split it up and made a list for nate and sent him around the store (by aisle) and we raced to get our groceries done as quickly as possible b/c i knew i only had about a half hour left in my aching feet!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

- We went home, worked some more - and then hit the sack...well deserved rest!
(oh, and I made dinner and pasta and fruit salad for the Rohrer Easter gathering the next day!)


- We woke up early and went yard sale"ing". I found a change table for $5!!! (singing "God is so gooooood!!!)
- Then we went home worked a little more and got ready for the Easter Festivities with Nate's mom's side of the family.
Enter the great part of my weekend.....
We got to mom's around 1:30pm (a half hour late) and we walked in the door and SURPRISE!!! His mom had planned a Surprise shower for me with Nate's aunts and cousins! It was soooo nice! I was completely shocked! I mean...I made pasta and fruit salad for my own shower! LOL They were so kind to us to have a shower for the necessities since I didn't want my church shower until after the baby came (for fear of my child being dressed in green and yellow for years to come! :).
Here are some pics of the shower! The center piece is a clothesline with Olivia on one side and Jackson on the other! :)

This is the feast!!

This side says Jackson

This says Olivia

Nate's mom made this blanket for the baby!

Look!!! This little diaper fits on Nate's fist!!!


Heather said...

Shy! It looks like you had a wonderful shower! Hope you continue to do good through the next few weeks!

Hang in are almost there!

Wasn't it so fun to bring everything home and put it away? That was my favorite part. I could have just sat in the nursery looking at everything FOREVER! Goodness knows when that little one comes...not much time to just sit around anymore that is for sure!

Karen said...

You're so, so cute, Shyla. Do you feel yucky? So many times I tell pregnant women they look great and they groan and say, "EEEWWW!" :)
What a cool thing to have a surprise shower! How exciting!

pamela s said...

You still look wonderful! Don't you love those kind of surprises! Looks like you made out pretty well - great deal on table & now all the new cute stuff!
I can't wait to see your little one.

Kelli said...

Looks like you had a wonderful shower! And how fun to be surprised. The table was adorable, especially the centerpiece! I am sure Jackson or Olivia will love all of the new stuff and meeting all the people that gave it to them! You look great! Hope the next few weeks go well for you! Looking forward to seeing baby pictures!

Shannon said...

I was just thinking your time is going to be here b4 you know it! (I'm sure you're tired of hearing this at this point!) You're looking wonderful! Way to declutter! You'll be glad you did later and now you have room for all your shower stuff! I always joke about Esther's room getting so dirty and she can't even mess it up yet!

Alicia said...

What a fun shower! Love the sugar cookies - someone in your in-law's family sure can decorate! There's so much in your post I can't comment on it all . . . you'll love the swing to help baby Rohrer fall asleep. Does this mean you're settling on traditional spellings for Olivia and Jackson? Aren't showers wonderful?!? God is so good and generous to us in our times of need. How's the nursery coming along?

Shyla said...

Alicia -
My mother in law is the one who did the centerpiece! It was super cute! We will be doing traditional spelling for Jackson for sure...nathan and i both like jaxon...but figure in the end it will be worth doing it "normally". As far as Olivia goes...i am still up in the air about it. I have been spelling it Oliviah for so long that I am afraid that I will accidentally add the "h" on the end anyway! :) It will probably be without though.
Nathan has painted the nursery - cream color - same as before, just a fresh coat. This weekend we will work on stripping th efirniture and painting it white. Still lots of work to be done, but it will all work out!

Troy & Sherry said...

shyla -
you look wonderful - so cute and pregnant - praying for you as you continue on this fun journey -
love ya -

juliechall said...

Hey Girl,
You look so great and like you're having a lot of fun. What a wonderful surprise!

maverick said...

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Anonymous said...

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