Friday, April 21, 2006

Attention K-Mart Shoppers....

Well, I can't honestly say that there is a decent kmart around to shop at, but I love the phrase...

Last night we decided that we had to go shopping to get a diaper bag, and get things for a hospital bag for me. I was starting to get a little anxious and was quite confident that if I didn't go last night to get prepared, the baby would come a lesson in procrastination!!

So, hopefully I have put the babe off for a few more days - still some things I need to get.

Any suggestions of what you thought was a must-have at the hospital??

Have a super day!


TwoMuths said...

Well, I'm excited to see what other people post, (as I will be packing in the not too distant future) but I just wanted to remind you not to forget your Enya relaxation CD.

Alicia said...

Here's a list of stuff that we packed (and also some we forgot! thankfully we only lived a few blocks from the hospital so it was easy to go back home and retrieve needed items):
*baby clothes - including a special going home outfit
*baby blankets, hats, mittens(to protect baby Rohrer from scratching her/himself), socks
*menstrual pads! thankfully the hospital also provided these huge depends type pads that worked great
*diversions - we brought along scrabble and a few comical tapes to keep us distracted during the induction and contractions (of course there is a certain point where all you can do is close your eyes and try to get through it)
*zip-up sweatshirt or robe - you end up having to wear the hospital nightie for awhile (for me it was 4 days since I had a c-section) and it is nice to have something of your own to wear over the ugly opening-in-bad-placed nighty
*nursing bras - i didn't wear a bra until i went home but it was nice to be prepared
*pregnancy clothes to wear home - it's depressing but true. i had visions of sliding into my old jeans after a few days but had to go back to my smaller preg-o wardrobe
*flip-flops/sandals/slippers to wear around the hospital room/bathroom. i suggest plastic flip-flops for the shower too
*baby announcements/thank you notes - i found my time in the hospital a nice place for workign on these between visits and naps
*popsicles - this was helpful during the induction since i wasn't allowed to eat anything and the icyness was refreshing
*nice smelling body lotion - my mom brought me a goody bag of peony scented bath n body works stuff on the day of Chloe's birth. since i wasn't able to shower for a few days it was lovely to feel somewhat pretty w/ the lotion

I thought I'd bring a relaxing cd along for the delivery but it didn't happen. I don't think it would have helped anyways! All our breathing and preparation did no good when the time came. :) Also, I advise you to prepare mentally for a c-section. I didn't because I didn't think it would happen to me. Turns out 25% of all deliveries are caesarean.

Sorry this is such a long post! Hope my advice is beneficial to you preg-os!

Heather said...

I think Alicia hit it all!! Great job!

Alicia said...

Wow, that was a monster comment of mine. In my haste though I forgot to pass on my excitement for you! What a ride you are in for! Are you registered anywhere?

Genns said...

Wow Alicia, good job.
I would also suggest some food. Ella was born at 11PM, so after some of the excitement wore off - around 2 - I was starving!! Nathan might also want to eat during labour - just kick him out of the room to do it. They actually let me eat during labour - but I don't think they usually do. Don't forget extra batteries for the camera. Oh, I don't envy you - except for everything after the labour. It's so incredible to meet your baby for the first time!!

suzanne said...

Shyla, i find myself wishing I were you right now! I loved the entire labor and delivery process. If i could skip the pregnany part and only had to do the labor and delivery, I would have about 6 babies by now. I think that Alicia covered most everything you need to bring. Someone told me to bring some of my own p.j.'s and I didnt' listen to them. I just thought, whats the big deal? I can just stay in the hospitaly gown. Well, i really regretted not having my own stuff, especially when ppl. came to visit. YOu will be suprised at who comes to see you. I had ppl. that I didnt even know very well come up to the hospital!

TwoMuths said...

Alicia, I thought that zip-up sweatshirt was a great idea. I'm taking one!!! Thanks! I hate sitting in those hospital gowns when people are in the room your pastor. :-|

Someone also suggested to me to pack some fuzzy socks, and I thought that was a good idea. I remember from other hospital stays that all they have at our hospital are those weird no-slip footies that are supposedly one size fits all...riiiight.

Suzanne, wanna do my delivery for me? LOL!! Seriously, I love hearing things like this! I hear WAAAAY too many delivery horror stories!

Shannon said...

I agree with Alicia's post about preparing yourself for a c-section, but it still isn't that bad! There was a nice station on the hospital tv that played relaxing music with nice pictures of the beach, etc. That helped...I would make sure and bring a couple outfits, since you don't know for sure how much your baby will weigh...Esther was a little 8 pounder but was still too tiny for her outfit. Since you don't know how much your baby will prepared for anything! Stephen wanted me to emphasize FOOD for Nate's sake. He didn't want to leave b/c he was afraid he'd miss something in labor and end up not having anything to eat from 5 a.m. til 10 p.m. that night! (however, make sure it's nothing with a bad smell that will make you nauseated! Taco Bell, etc. :)We wish we would've had a better plan to email the pics to family, so we got a friend to do that for us which was sweet for those far away. Also this isn't something to bring, but maybe you can have a plan for afterwards with Nate, the nurses, etc. so you only have as much visitors as you want..We had A LOT of visitors which was wonderful and helped the time go by, but it can be overwhelming between you taking care of your postpardum self and feeding the baby. Sorry this is so long!

Shyla said...

Thanks so much everyone! This has been great! I already have a website from the hospital set up and ready to go to email the news (you are all on there!!) and the next step is showing nate how to use my blog so he can post pics. are nuts! Are you sure it wasn't the drugs you loved so much! LOL I hope I feel the same way when it's over!

Alicia - you crack me up!
Thanks for being so thorough! Wanna be my doula! :) LOL

Katie said...

I think Alicia pretty much summed it up for me too! Kelly, you were lucky to be able to eat, but it was probably because you didn't have an epidural, right? (Strong women, you) Shyla, I remember reading advice to go through a drive thru or out to eat before you go to the hospital. It isn't always like on "I Love Lucy" where you have to rush, rush, rush! I brough hard candy and stuff to suck on, but the mean ol' nurses wouldn't even let me have that.

The hospital supplied all of my "needs" for my recovery and I even brought home a pkg. of HUGE pads and stuff. You'll still need a couple of pkgs for home. Also, TUCKS are helpful (hope too many husbands aren't reading this.)

Hey, you know what I LOVED for at home in the first weeks of nursing? "Soothies" Again, husbands reading, don't investigate this please. (See this website for product info: Does Nathan know where the closest nursing supply store is? If you have nursing challenges, it might be a good resource. We rented a pump, and Chris also had to run there a couple of times in the first few days for other stuff.

I too wish I would've brought my own jamies. Next times I guess. :) Praying for you! Can't wait to hear some news!

carissa said...

hi shyla,
I just want to tell you that those nursing pjs are highly over-rated. You just need a cute "normal" pair of pjs and lift up the top :) SOOO much easier. I wish someone would've told me that! I will pray for Chantel. I feel so badly for her with recovery and twins, also for her salvation!!

Jenny (Parker) Pittsley said...

Hi Shyla! It's really fun to find Northland people, especially when they're in the new parent stage too. One suggestion I have that you've probably already heard is to have the car seat ready to go in the car ahead of time. Jeremy installed ours right before we came home from the hospital, and it was too much of a hassle. By the way, I think I side with Suzanne that the pregnancy (and the recovery) was worse than delivery. I did get an epidural, though. Congratulations! It's quite an adventure :)

Anonymous said...

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