Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Let the emotional madness end!!!

ok, i know most girls are...but i can't really be classified as highly emotional. That doesn't mean that if you say something mean to me that it won't bring a tear to my eye or "if you prick me, do I not bleed..." but it does mean that I don't cry manipulatively (is that a word?) nor do I act hysterically or irrationally.

ENTER Last night....

Envision your worst work day scenario, coupled by unearthly pregnant hormones and 3 hrs of sleep - and you should be picturing my "emotional breakdown" on the way home from work yesterday. You know, the kind where all you do is hear the sound of your husband's voice and you begin to bawl uncontrolably!

I felt soooooooooo stupid! I knew I sounded like a 4 year old - blubbering so ridiculously that I could barely breathe! (i can't help but almost giggle at how dumb I must have sounded) Nathan said today when we were talking that it was hard for him not to laugh because it was such a foreign thing for him to hear me doing. (thanks, honey for NOT laughing!!)

Anyway, all that to say - I hope these last few weeks fly by. Not because I hate being pregnant - that's not the case! But if last night is an indicator of future unstableness - the lack of sleep and hormones are not a good combination! AND I am the last person to blame "her attitude problem" on hormones etc...but in this case, I truly think it was a factor!!

I digress.... Tomorrow I go for my rescheduled ultrasound appointment! I am excited to see the baby!

Have any of you had a 3d ultrasound before? I have seen a lot of demos - and it looks really cool, but I don't know that we'll do it!


TwoMuths said...

Oh, this sounds familiar! Sleep is such a necessity for me anyway, and when you add in the pg hormones, it's just basically a ticking "cry my eyes out" bomb, waiting for the right moment!

Regarding the photo...Michael and I always talk about how hilarious it would be to start a "screaming child" album. Since most albums are of cute grinning babies and all.

Have fun at the ultrasound! (do you get to pick whether or not you do 3-D?!?!) Praying for your name to still be on that schedule!

Alicia said...

Oh boy dear, I hate to be the bearer of ill tidings but I'm afraid your emotions will be icky for awhile after the delivery too. I had always thought the whole hormone excuse was bunk until it happened to me! The hormones seemed to surge at certain times . . . the week after delivery was probably the hardest for me emotionally. It didn't help that we had an emergency c-section and then I had to climb 3 flights of stairs to my apartment and my in-laws stayed with us for the first 6 days of chloe's life. I was VERY CLOSE to saying something really mean to my mother-in-law. She made me cry (unknowingly) many times that week.

Why are you having such a late ultrasound? We only had a 2-d ultrasound and were AMAZED at that. I've heard 3 and 4 ds are unbelievable. Have fun seeing the baby! Watch out for the privates so you can still be surprised. :)

Tricia said...

When I was pregnant, I preferred them to do as few ultrasounds as possible, because I didn't want to know the baby's gender and also just to be on the safe side. However, with both of the boys for one reason or another I had to have quite a few. We had the 3D ultrasound at the specialist with Calvin and it was pretty neat to see his profile and such. Do you guys get a choice of which one to do or something? Although it was neat, it would not be something that I would pay more for. It's pretty amazing to see the regular ultrasounds as it is.

Kimberly said...

Hey Shyla, On Tuesday I witnessed the whole labor and delivery of my niece, Katelynn. Let me just say...AMAZING!! Seriously, I was completely speechless for a long time...it was just such an incredible, amazing experience! I thought that it would be semi-gross, but the whole process was completely beautiful and wonderful! Anyway, I thought of you...I pray that the "pain" will be minimal and that your labor/delivery will be the most incredibly wonderful experience for you and Nate!
I have seen a 3D ultrasound with my nephew...it was really cool to be able to see physical features on his face!
Have a great rest of the pregnancy! Love ya Kim

Shannon said...

I never had a 3-d ultrasound, but had my share of emotional rollercoasters. My personality lends itself to stable and calm, but during pregnancy and postpardum I was anything but that. I think poor Stephen felt like saying "Where is my wife and what have you done with her?" He was a trooper and with his prayers and helping me get my focus back on God..we made it! (and you will too!:)

Karen said...

Everything okay there? I'm worried about you!

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