Monday, April 03, 2006

Hello friends...

Sorry about the delinquent blogging...but i have been SOOOOOOOOO busy!!

I only have 20 more days left in the working world. These last days will prove to be the busiest of the entire time I have worked here. Our Accounts Payable/Receivable manager is no longer with the company - therefore, his job becomes my job. I am not complaining, b/c I would rather be busy then bored...but there is a lot to do! :) So, this mostly explains my absence from Blogging.

I had a blast with my sister Jenny when she was here for Spring Break. She was able to feel the baby move, watch my tummy dance and cooked DELICIOUS meals for us which was such a blessing to this tired full time mom-to-be! I got a free haircut from her (pics below) and it turned out great! (phew!!)
I was a little nervous! :)

I went in for my ultrasound last wednesday and all is well. They just wanted to check the spine for spina bifida since I denied the blood test in the beginning (no sense worrying about "what-if's") and my Dr. said that he caould easily check it through ultrasound instead. So, that went just fine and he even saw what we were having (BUT WOULDN"T TELL ME!!!!!!!ARGH!!) oh well! I have waited this long! :) No biggie I guess. The baby weighs about 5.5 lbs right now and is on it's way to being an 8 pounder if I go full term - OUCHY!! I asked him what he thought about taking it at 5.5lbs and he suggested we wait it out !:) (easy for him to say!! :)

We will be getting our crib set up this week. That's exciting! It won't have any bedding on it...but atleast it will look like a nursery instead of a guest room! :)

IT WAS A GORGEOUS weekend here. Nathan had a convention on Friday and Saturday, so we didn't get to spend the day out in the sunshine, but it was still a blessing to feel the warm day and see the sunshine when we would walk out for breaks! :) Sunday was beautiful - i was inspired to try to reach my toes to paint them and then I wore my sparkley flip flops to church that night! AHHH! I love spring! I had to treat the toe painting event as a stretching exercise inorder to reach my toes! LOL Just kept telling myself that OPI Peru-B-Berry was worth the momentary discomfort!

Well, I am going to head out!
Have a great night!


janeen said...

Shyla-- You look so cute!! I hope that all goes well the remaining of the pregnancy. Good to know you are doing. Janeen

Kelli said...

Your hair looks very cute! Nice to get a new hair cut in the spring. Have fun setting up your crib! Hope you can find some time to relax...just a few more weeks!

Alicia said...

Congrats on being able to paint your toenails. I hope you showed them off while it still felt springy. (we have snow here this morning - boo!)

By the way, what nursery bedding/decor did you decide on?

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