Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it snow!

Yuppers! Don't be too jealous of our winter wonderland! It's supposed to get back up to 50 degrees by Thursday. The weather here sure has been interesting!
We had a fun day...We now "know how the heathen dwell" on Sundays as church was cancelled for the entire day! I can honestly say that even though a day off was nice to enjoy the weather...It will make for a long work week not being able to be at church on Sunday!
So we laid around in bed for awhile, listened to a great Presbyterian preacher's message on the radio on Romans, had omelets, chatted...then Nate went out to shovel us out for a couple of hours, while I worked away at things inside.
We went to his parent's for our Regular Sunday lunch - which was a fun trip to take in the snow with our jeep (what is it about boys and snow and jeeps??).

Hope that you are all enjoying the weather where you are! It's a little hard these days to get down and make snow angels...but NEXT year, I will have a little buddy to do it with!! Fun, Fun!


Heather said...

I am so jelous that we don't have that kind of snow!!! Then again, as I begin to think about.....you can have the snow! :)

Have a great day!

Katie said...

Shyla - sounds fun! Although I have to cautiously say, don't coun't on Jr. being able to make snow angels with you next winter. It takes a lot of effort for little tykes to just move or walk in all of their snow gear when they're so little. :) Of course, your little one will have lots of chances to get out in the snow and work up some muscles to operate in a snowsuit. Luke only had one chance this winter. :) He's going to be able to make it up next winter in Detroit though!

Alicia said...


What beautiful snow! Now that we live in Ohio our snowfall is extremely disappointed and short lived.

Ah, what a leisurely Sunday you had. Reminds me of my pre-saved days. Our family would sleep late, drink coffee and read the funnies together before gathering around for nfl. Those days were fun but I much more enjoy worshipping on Sundays. Just wait until you can worship with your little one - joy joy joy! :)


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