Monday, February 13, 2006


The liberal media is having a HAY DAY with the recent ACCIDENTAL shooting by VP Cheney of his good friend and fellow hunter. The National Media is having fits because they "didn't find out until 24 hrs. after the fact". Give me a break!
They have asked the most ridiculous questions at a Press Conference.

"Is this a criminal offense in TX?"
(WHAT??!! AN ACCIDENTAL Shooting with Quail pellets?? Teeney tiny quail pellets??)

"Why didn't the VP come forward right away and address the nation about this shooting?"
(It's not a matter of national defense - he shot a buddy with a bbgun!)

"Why didn't we even know he was going to be in TX?" personal favorite...

"Will VP Cheney be handing in his resignation?" Wow! That takes the fruit cake!
These are real questions asked of the Cheney Spokesperson.

Charlie Gibson on GMA this morning asked about what the underlying implications of not reporting such a shooting would have on the Bush Administration. (rolling my eyes!) Why do they have to make such a big deal over these things? Because they have such a hatred that leaves them unable to ask critical thinking questions.

Have these people lost all touch with reality?

Have they never been in a car accident? Have they never done something by accident that they didn't want to have forgiveness for? SHEESH! Give me a break! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!

Bottom line - their egos are bruised b/c the phone call was made to a local newpaper instead of them...who would have been helped if the National media would have been called first? No one.

VP Cheney - sorry you had to go through the embarassment of accidentally shooting your good friend - even more sorry that you have to "defend" yourself against a bunch of liberal media vultures waiting around as brainless fowl to prey on innocent people.


Katie said...

Don't get me started on the liberal media in the US. The sad thing is, a lot of people believe everything they say.

Anonymous said...

from what i can tell, it was the "victims" fault. He walked up behind them without telling them he was there.

pamela s said...

Can't the press dig up their own stories? Does everything have to be given to them in a press conference? It's called work. :)

Heather said...

As sad as it is...i guess the news media just needed something to talk goodness, the Olympics are on, can't they just fill up their time worrying about that?

Alicia said...

I didn't know this is what happened!?! Thanks for the truth-telling. I had only seen a blurb while watching the olympics last night and it sounded like the vice president almost killed this man. What a world we live in where the media can so blur the truth!

Shyla said...

Alicia -
That's why it's so important to be aware of what's going on in the world! The media knows that people live busy lives...catching only parts or headlines of news stories and then are left coming to their own conclusions as they go about their hurried lives. If my husband has taught me's to work on being a critical thinker and not to just believe everything I hear right away!
We've gotta get cable!! I need my Fox News Fix! LOL

Anonymous said...

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