Friday, February 10, 2006

My Fro!!

You know, it's interesting...I spend countless hours a week making sure that my mane is neatly fixed, smoothed out, flipped out, curled under, highlighted, whatever. Then, I enter the world and my well formed hairdo goes generally unnoticed by the general public...even so forgettable that even my own husband doesn't feel the need to comment on it.

BUT!! When I wake up late, jump out of the shower, throw a handful of mousse in my hair and rush out the door (looking like a wet pooch, or a wrung out brillo pad) as soon as the curls begin to dry and the folicles begin to expand and suddenly the fro is unfurled - the world who had thought me once forgettable - goes out of their way to comment on my hair. UNBELIEVEABLE!

"WOW!! That's not a perm?? Do you know people PAY to have hair like that?" (yes, I know..I don't understand it...but I know."

"I would kill to have curls like that!" (i don't advise it!)

"How do you get your hair so straight?" (Practise, practise, practise)

What can I say? It's nice to have the option! But I do think it is interesting that I put so much effort into a forgettable hairstyle! :)

What do you think?
Sleek goddess or Fro Queen?

What are your hair woes? LOL What a post!


Alicia said...


Love the fro pics! That's how I remember you from nbbc. :) Seriously though, I think you look fabulous with straight hair. Very chic and very grown up and stylish. My vote is for the straight hair - does it take forever to straighten?

Either way you're cute. :)


Heather said...


Great Pictures! I would have to say I like your hair worn straight! But it is always nice to be able to wear it curly on those crazy mornings!!

Worn either way it never changes your wonderful smile.


journeyer said...

I just can't believe it can get that big! That's really awesome :) Big Smile!

I suppose the straight, neat look is more the "style" at this point.... but that might change when little baby comes and time goes!

Either way, as Heather said, your smile is unchanging- although you look like you might have a slightly wilder personality as the hair get wilder:)
is this true?

Katie said...

Love the fro pictures. That's great! I too go for the straight do.

My hair woes comes from the wavy-not curly/nor straight nature of my locks. My hair's also thick and it can get pretty bushy. I like the way it looks better wet than dry. I don't put too much time in it though, so it's probably my fault.

Karen said...

My hair woes match your own...follicle for follicle! I'm with everyone else, though. Straight's the way to go! :) (Thanks for the very flattering pic, by the way.)

Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla,
thanks for the publicity. I guess you can see that i have not hair woes. Thanks for sharing this pic with all the other single ladies out there. If you need one, I think i have a hot comb laying around somewhere so you can straighten your hair better!

Sarah said...

Wow!!! That is some fro!!! I have to say, I don't have too many complaints about my own hair, except for side curls under and the other side cirls up. Why??? I don't know, but it is very frustrating. Speaking of hair, I have some horrible pictures of when I thought my hair looked pretty awesome. Yikes!!! What was I thinking!!!

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