Friday, January 27, 2006

"You've gotta be kidding me?!"

That's what I thought last night as I was driving (the speed limit mind you...) and spontaneous red and blue flashing lights appeared in my rearview mirror.

You see, I had seen the police officer entering the freeway as I passed by the on -ramp and made a mental note, "shy, put your cruise on." So, that's infact what I did. I wasn't about to get pulled over - who has the $$ to throw away and I had a dinner date with my husband that I didn't want to be late to.

So there I was, driving along 422 - normally I would be going 65 or 70, but not tonight with the cop behind me...I was goodie twoshoes 55!! I watched in envy as the other cars raced by me - but the police officer stayed right steady behind me and I'm thinking to myself, "if he's not pulling these people over - I am good as gold." WEEE-OOO WEE-OOO (LOL, that's the sound of the siren...) I couldn't believe it...all these cars breaking the sound barrier and I am the one getting pulled over.

So, I make my way to the side of the road (so close to the restaurant for my date...) and there I sat for 7 minutes before he even got out to talk to me. Nice.
Then he approaches the car and taps on the glass and he was a she! "Great." I thought.

Since I am too tired to finish this narrative the way I would have liked....this is the short of it....

She asked me if I knew why I got pulled over - I said it surely wasn't for speeding, she smiled and said - no, I got pulled over for not having renewed my registration!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME - WAS SHE BORED OR WHAT!!!
("NATE!" I thought...I was relieved it wasn't my fault!) So, anyway, 25 minutes later and a phone conversation with my husband lead me to see that it was indeed my fault. Apparently he had given me a form to mail but I had to put my VIN # on it first (the only time I am in my car is to I didn't think about it again....until last night!)
STINK! It was my fault afterall.

So, as I read my ticket to the tune of $106.50 I looked on the back to see what all of the little fines were for. Wouldn't you know that my actual offence only cost $25.00!!
The rest of the line items were for donations to the following organizations:
$10 - Emergency Medical Services Act
$30 - Catastrophic Loss Benefits Continuation Fund
$31.50 - For the officer's time
$10 - Judicial Computer Project


Moral of the story...if your husband gives you something to sign and put in the it! Or you use your nursery bedding fund to pay for EMS stuff, catastrophic traumas...police donuts (jk) and new computers for judges! LOL

Happy Friday!


Heather said...


I felt so bad for you and laughed with you the entire time I read this post!!

I liked your comment about having to pay your bill out of your nursery bedding fund. Come on her out!!! :) Your little baby deserves a beautiful nursery, dosn't he (or she)?

Can you believe the nerve of that cop? They can get a lot of dounuts for that much money. :)

Have a great weekend!!!!

Joel said...

Well, life sucks then you die, and in your case then you go to heaven, just keep that in mind. Just be glad she didnt throw you in a concentration camp! ;)

Kelly (Rademacher) Glupker said...

That exact same thing happened to us just a few weeks ago! How funny! What was really odd was that we went home and checked the registration on our truck only to discover that it expired in April of 2004. Oh my! Sorry about your luck though - I didn't get a ticket. It was a male cop though - I think the women cops like to ticket other women.

journeyer said...

so did you still get to go out for dinner?

Shyla said...

Hey Katie Zakes...ahem...I mean, Mrs. Timothy Barker!!
Yes! I did still get to go out for dinner - albeit late...but I still enjoyed a night off from cooking!
BTW - your hair looks super cute Short!

journeyer said...

Thanks! it's kinda fun. Check back and see what my sister did to hers!

Anonymous said...

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