Monday, January 30, 2006

Atleast I am not TOTALLY nerdy! :)

I am nerdier than 13% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Well, Here it is folks...looks like Katie and I spend a little too much "blogging time" together! I'd rather be less nerdy and a little cool.


Alicia said...


Wow, you are not too nerdy at all according to the test. I scored really high - 65! Yikes, you two are making me feel like the queen of nerdom. :)

Enjoy your day you un-nerdy gal,

Heather said...

What in the world? I scored a 29! It said I was not nerdy, but not hip. Stink! I knew I shouldn’t have spent all that time in my dorm room studying. :) You were right Shyla, I should have had more “free” time. Oh well, I better make sure I get out more often!!


Jocelyn Pagano said...

I got a 10.
Your nerdiness is:

Not nerdy, but then again maybe not all that cool either.

Shy, you always said I wasn't cool...guess you are right. But, you are nerdier than me-is that a word? Guess I should ask you nerds out there!

Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla, Just want you to know I took your nerd test and I scored a (43)! I am taking a sabbatical until I can attain the status of Grand Nerdy Nerd of the Nerd Assembly. Do not ask what that means, you wouldn't understand unless you can read nerd text. Well, take care and I will see you later.

Shyla said...

TT - you didn't have to take the test to find out you were a may have everyone else fooled - but your "little sister" knows who you really are!
Happy Knitting!

Karen said...

I scored a 4. But I'm not sure if that means I'm cool or just really dumb! :)

Anonymous said...

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