Friday, January 20, 2006

Question of the day...

How much did you pay for your nursery bedding?
How much is too much?
I am currently looking at some bedding and I am just curious what the general population paid on average. I don't want to be ridiculous...just curious.
If you are not comfortable telling me what you paid - make up a hypothetical character and I will never know! :)


nate, christina, and connor said...

i thought a lot of the bedding sets were overpriced. besides the fact that i didn't find many that i liked. pottery barn kids had some that i loved but it was way too expensive and i didn't want half of the stuff that came with quilt, bumper pad. that's why i went with the mix and match. then i got some solid colored sheets for extras. we got a middle of the road crib and mattress ($160 for the crib i think and about $85 for the mattress) all in all i was very pleased with the actual dollars spent. i think we put about $20 into the sheets/blankets and the rest of the blankets and mattress pads were gifts.
happy shopping!

Shyla said...

Christina - The set that I am looking at is from Potterbarn kids. I priced it out on the website, and then I went to Ebay to find it. I found a 9 piece set today that would save me $141.25 (if I won the bid...) anyway, i am trying to buy a boys set and a girls so that I can just send the other one back depending on what we have - the only downer with Ebay is that I would have to risk being able to sell it myself if we have a girl. Decisions decisions!
Thanks for the imput!
I would love to see pics of ace's nursery!

Katie said...


A couple of years before we had Luke, Chris' aunt gave us her old crib bedding - classic Pooh style - which is really whimsical and cute - not all cartoony. So, we didn't pay anything for it! My in-laws also bought us nursery furniture off of Ebay. You should keep your eye on local auctions. We got a nice 3-piece set for $500. When we have our second child, I plan on doing what you mentioned in your comment to Christina - buy 2 sets of bedding and take the other back after I find out what the baby is. After having a neutral nursery with Luke, I WOULD like to have a distinctly boy or girl nursery with my 2nd; but also think I still want to be surprised as of the sex of the baby.

I LOVE the stuff from Pottery Barn Kids, but can't imagine ever paying that much myself. Ebay would definitely be the way to go!


Heather said...


I know you saw my nursery, which was nuteral. We did it in the Boyd's Bear Theme. I think all together, we probably didn't spend over $200 on the bedding and curtians. I too, love the stuff on pottery barn, but have never understood why it is so expensive.


nate, christina, and connor said...

boycott pottery barn! seems like the logical choice b/c of their over priced goodies. i just wish it were hiddeous, then it would be so much easier. definitely keep your ebay eyes peeled. and hit a pb clearance rack, outlet or a consignment shop. too bad you're not in michigan. we have a great pb outlet at birch run. of course, if you need me to sacrifice a day and go shop there for you i will. but only for you, shy!

Tricia said...


We kinda did what Christina did as well. I had heard mixed reviews on using bumper pads in the crib and of course you can't use a quilt for a baby, so we opted out of buying a whole set. We just registered for sheets with stars and stuff that would match their room. Of course, I didn't realize then that I should have been getting sheets to match our room. =) Yes, we're one of those weird parents that discovered that we like having our babies sleep in our room for a good while before we're ready to move them out to their own room. So we have a lovely white crib parked next to our brown bed..thankfully our windows have white edging so I consider the crib as an accent. Isn't that wonderful! =) So, in closing we didn't spend too much and I'm glad for that, although those nurseries in the PB magazine sure do look beautiful.

Alicia said...

I think all of us have pottery barn envy. Thankfully their ideas are simple enough to recreate cheaply. The Lord blessed us by giving us all our nursery bedding at our baby showers. We got our bedding from target. Have you looked there? The selection isn't very big but they are reasonable and tasteful. Their webstore has much more stuff than their regular stores. (A word on bumpers: Even though they say you shouldn't use them to prevent SIDS, I highly recommend them. Your baby won't be able to move around/roll until at least 5 months and by then the chances of SIDS are highly unlikely. Now that our Chloe is rolling a bit I am grateful she hits the bumper and not the crib slats!)

Ebay sounds like the place to go for your potterybarn bedding. I've also found that second hand baby stores often have loads of name brand treasures. I have recently been looking on ebay for some diaper covers for Chloe and came across someone selling lots of amy coe and pb stuff. The user name is: darrellbridget.

Best wishes and keep your bloggers posted on your decisions!

journeyer said...


no baby yet:) But I think I will pay no more than $100.00 for bedding. How was that for an aribtrary number?

I found your blog, I don't know how, oh I think through Katie Bruno's... who I think I found becuase of Tim. Isn't the internet so wonderful? There are so many people blogging, that is always fun to take a peak into people's lives. Anyways, congrats on your baby. I can't wait to hear what it is. Katie (Zakes) Barker

suzanne said...

Hey Shyla, We (by we, I mean my mom) ended up making gavin's bedding. It was very cheap to make. I think that we spent under $50. (I didn't buy a bumper till Gavin was about 5 mo. old. He kept on getting his arms and legs stuck in his crib) but I got it on clearance somewhere for only $20. The rest of the sheets were given to me at my shower, so I don't know what is resonable there. Sorry, I don't think that this is very helpful

Anonymous said...

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