Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here's our little one!!

Here's our little baby! He (that's not a declaration of gender) weighs 1lb 6oz - not quite ready to come out of the oven yet!! The Dr. checked the baby's stats against what a "typical" baby of this age would be and our baby matched the stats exactly (4.0 - just like his dad!) LOL!

It was the most amazing thing to see the baby! I was filled with anticipation as we entered the ultrasound room and was starting to get a little frustrated/overwhelmed by all of the undiscernable blobs all over the screen, but after the doctor was done checking for internal organs, the next picture she took caught the baby's hand stretched out and you could see all 5 little tiny fingers waving at mommy and daddy!! (enter tears here!) Then we got to see all 4 chambers of the heart, both of his little legs, his 2 arms, AND HE WAS SUCKING HIS THUMB!!! that's the picture above - all though the one the dr. took before it was much clearer - this one is still great! It was so neat to see Nate smiling with wonder as we looked at this life that was inside of me!

Get this!! Nate was so excited to see the baby that he ACTUALLY WANTED TO KNOW WHAT THE SEX WAS!! I wanted to jump off of the table and fling my arms around his neck and scream "thank you! thank you! thank you!" But wouldn't you know it...little baby Rohrer would not have this surprise given away that easily! He was sitting bottom down with no way for the Dr. to get around to see (brat! :) So, alas, alack...it is still a mystery, but it was still cool to see Nate get that excited that he actually wanted to know!

Just wanted to share this picture with you all!

SIDE NOTE: I was sitting in church and got a revelation about the nursery :) I still don't know what I am going to do over all, but somewhere in the nursery will be painted on the wall "I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made!"


Heather said...


Hey there!!! I love the idea for the nursery, regardless of colors and other stuff you may have to figure out yet! The verse is a wonderful way to go! Congratulations on the healthy baby you are carrying! Regardless of what it was or is, I always left the doctor’s office after my ultrasounds feeling very much reassured that I was carrying a health baby! I am so happy for you. It almost makes me want to have another baby! **reality hits** I think I am fine with the two I have!!  Tell Nathan that I said congratulations too!!!


Shyla said...

LOL! Heather!
The "Reality hits" segment of your email was HILARIOUS!
Thanks for the giggle! :)

Heather said...


I had to put that in there...I am potty training a 2 year old boy. I will just say one thing...LONG WEEKEND!!!!! I will spare you the details, but I am learning boys are, oh so different from girls!

Love ya,

Katie said...


Awwweeee. So cute. Did you have a 3D ultrasound? I did not, but it seems that every does nowadays. So your baby's a trickster too, eh? Are you going to have another ultrasound and try again? We didn't have any more ultrasounds after 20 weeks so we never tried again. I love the verse idea for the nursery! That reminds me of one of my favorite songs from a GREAT Steve Green Children's CD - Hide 'Em In Your Heart Vo. 2). My 3-year-old neice knows all the words now, so I bought it for Luke too.

I'm so glad everything looks healthy and well.


Tyararr J. Jones said...

Hey Shyla, I am so happy for the three of you. I am looking forward to seeing and holding the new little Rohrer. Thanks for visiting my blog. I always wonder who might be visiting any given day. My goal as always is to share the encouragement and challenges that God shares with me. Take care and have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Jocelyn Joi said...

I love the verse idea. That is a great verse to have in a nursery! I can't wait to see pictures of little Rohrer! Love and miss you.

Ashley said...

AWW there will be another super fro to add to the family! Maybe I'll make him/her a t-shirt=) Well I'm happy for you two and thanks for the updates. I'm thinking I need to start one of these since I'm away to keep people updated..see what you started!! Have a wonderful day!

Karen said...

Shy! How exciting! I teared up looking at the little Shyla (or Nate). The verse is perfect! Congrats--16 weeks left!

Alicia said...


I don't know you directly (although your name sounds familiar to me) but I have been watching your blog ever since I found you through Katie Bruno's site. (She inspired me to blog this past fall - I wonder how many others have caught the blog fire because of her?)

I wanted to suggest stripes for your baby nursery. Some neutral colors for easy girl or boy complimenting like sage green, cream, dark purple . . . Stripes in varying thickness would modernize the look. I really wanted to do that for our baby's room but alas we are renting a house and not allowed to paint. :( Plus I have no idea where I would find time to decorate now that our baby girl is here! I suggest you get going on the room now before you get bigger and less motivated!

Excellent verse! We felt the same way when we saw our second ultrasound. Technology is SO amazing to allow you to see such detail in your baby. How could anyone think a baby isn't a person after seeing an ultrasound?

Hang in there with the pregnancy! Keep us blogging voyeurs informed,

Carrie said...

Shyla, I'm another NBBC alum. who found your blog through Katie's . . . I don't know either her or you directly but I enjoy reading both your blogs! :) I do remember you vaguely but I think you were a freshman when I graduated.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I also love the verse idea for the nursery!!! I hope you are able to come up with colors/design ideas you are thrilled with. I loved the pics of your home; you have an awesome decorating style! Much much better than my own, and I was a Home & Family Management major!!

I also enjoy reading about your pregnancy, because you are about a week ahead of me. (I'm due with our second, around May 16.) So it's fun to read about someone who's going through the same stages as me. :) We like to be surprised as to baby's sex, but everyone is different and I have many friends who found out ahead of time. Either way, though, you will be so in love with your baby and have an instant bond!

Well I'm sure I made this comment way too long, but just wanted to say hi. I've been reading here for a while, but never got around to commenting before. Hope all continues to go well with the pregnancy . . . feel free to check out my blogs (I have a regular one and a pregnancy one) anytime, too!

nate, christina, and connor said...

hey shyla,
what an adorable little rohrer! i have to say, i'm hoping it's a boy...of course, i am biased by my own little guy. now about that room....i love connor's room and all we did was different colored circles. we based it on a rug that we both liked. one day we picked out some colors and the next day there was a sign on the door that said, "nate's secret room: do not enter until finished!" i wasn't allowed to go in until it was painted and we had two major pieces of furniture in there. that was a little scary at first but nathan is a great painter/decorator...no, i'm not kidding! he worked night and day and it is very cool. we just didn't like any of the "baby" decorations out there so we made one that he could grow with...it turned out great. i think there's a picture of the circle wall on my blog...with nathan's parents and the three of us. the verse is a great starting point. find something you love and build around it.
happy decorating!

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