Thursday, December 15, 2005

wanna see something funny...

Inspired by my good friend Katie Bruno....I too am compelled to post pics separately on another is where you can go to see the action.
Any suggestions on how to add links onto the side of my blog with friends sites etc?? Trust me, I have tried the help section and usually I am pretty computer savvy, but alas, here I am at the mercy of whoever will be a kind soul and help me!
We are thinking about joining the current age and buying a digital camera, so then I will have more recent pics...and trust me, when the little babe comes along, I am sure that you will be begging me to slow down on the pictures!


Katie said...

I think the template for the blog I chose originally had some links set up, one of which was "Google" and the other two were "Edit Me." I'll get back with you. Maybe I can email you the text to put in your template. The template is what you have to modify.

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