Friday, November 18, 2005

November and other musings.

It has been an interesting weather week! Wednesday it was 75 degrees and then yesterday it was 33 with the windchill and they said today it will feel like 21 with the windchill.
YIKES! I refused to break out my peacoat, so I wore my denim jacket with a scarf - quite trendy!!
November is such a great month - for many reasons...I mean, I was born in November, THANKSGIVING is in Nov (and Oct. for all of you Canadians out there). It normally snows in Nov (fingers crossed!) and the air is so crisp and clean. The leaves are beautiful hues of golden yellow, red and orange. Warm apple cider and pumpkin pie- hmmmmm I am getting warm and fuzzy.
Back to reality - I have great news!
My mom, grandparents and Aunt Lynnie are all coming out here today to visit me for my birthday! (And to get a glimpse at my ever swelling tummy).
I am looking forward to entertaining and having them around for the weekend.
Well, gotta go! The quicker I work, the sooner I get to leave!
See you!

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