Thursday, December 09, 2010

House Updates....

 I can't be bothered with fixing the formatting tonight! the post starts with the kitchen in the middle - the rest are just updates of the house that a couple of friends have asked to see...

mostly just b/c it's clean. :)

Hutch from kitchen moved to living room from kitchen
still desperately looking for a dresser to replace the sofa table.
my blessing -  FREE and PRETTY piano!!

my kitchen curtains...not done but you can see the fabric etc...
So...remember WAAAY back when we started our kitchen's been so long - here's a refresher. I am not even sure how many days we are on now - but the good news is that it's ALMOST DONE!!!! So, I will spare you the details and throw in the pics....
my sweet nate got the baseboard and trim done!

woot! woot! wood floors!!

i *heart* my plate wall!

in case you missed the wood floor :)

playing with the curtain to see if i still like them! :)
nate is amazing! he cut a hole in the wall between the kitchen and livingroom and made the archway match our 50 yr old arches that are already in the house!


TwoMuths said...

it looks great! GREAT!!! You are so talented!

Chastity Gomez said...

very nice:) I am dying for hardwood floors!!!! Maybe someday:)

Mary Ann said...

So very lovely! You guys have worked very hard & done a GREAT job!
I *heart* your plate wall, too! It's so pretty!

Kathy said...

It's always important for our homes to be renovated once in a while to make it more beautiful and well-maintained. As a mother, I always make sure that our home is always clean and mess-free.

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alex said...

nice house.. looks good and clean
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the johnson crew said...

your house looks beautiful. I loved the pictures.

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