Thursday, October 14, 2010

sorry to bore you...

but I got nothing'.

i think often about blog posts to write and then they are usually reduced to FB statuses instead - b/c honestly, that's all I have time for.

a sentence that encapsulates the goings on of the moment or day. it's a busy/lazy person's dream!

i have been enjoying the things that my kids have been coming up with lately.

jackson (4.5yrs old) has given us some real laughs lately:

- I haven't had a chance to share this with you all yet but when I was 10 wks pregnant, the following exchange happened between Jackson and I...
"hey mom, can you come in here - we need to have a little talk."
(curious, i oblige) "ok Bud, what's up?"
(he motions for me to come and sit beside him on the couch - I roll my eyes and walk towards the couch)
he says, "mom, we need to have a talk about the size of your belly."
(GREAT! I knew this day was coming! If only i'd stuck with a work out regime... I swallow hard) "ok...what about it?"
"i think i know why your belly's getting bigger mommy. I think that you have a baby in your belly."
(sigh of relief!) "Oh really? That's what you think?"
"Yes. So, DO you? Do you have a baby in your belly mommy?"
(Since we weren't telling anyone yet...) "Well, we'll have to wait and see."

And as easy as that, the conversation was over! Until he turned around and said, "Oh! I have just one more question - 'when you push a baby out of your belly, does it rip a huge hole in your shirt?!"

- "hey mom, wouldn't it be fun if you had a dinosaur in your belly?"

- "hey mom, i went ahead and pulled out the cleaning chemicals in the bathroom if you decide you should clean it today..."

- "daddy, was stonewall jackson made out of stones?"

jackson split his lip open something fierce one afternoon. after much blood and milk...he was happily eating his lunch - by request...peanut butter on a spoon "b/c it's smooth and doesn't hurt my lip mama. i think it's protein too."

 well, i could probably think of 100 more, but I will save my energy for "Owen Says..." tomorrow!


Alicia said...

Oh my! What a lovable crazy boy!

Now that I'm a mom of 3 I totally get you about not having a spare moment. Right now I'm holding a sleeping baby -- better get him down so I can finally have both hands to myself!

Mary Ann said...

Goodness! Their minds sure do work in funny ways, don't they? Thanks for sharing - I needed a good laugh :-)

TwoMuths said...

Oh, my. I am laughing, so much.

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