Friday, October 15, 2010

Owen Says,,,

Well, as promised - Here are my "Owenisms" for the month...

- Owen's two favorite things...plastic shorts (gym shorts) and jiggy jog pants (sweatpants.)

 ‎- "mom, i'm gonna get dressed now, but I am NOT going to wear underwear today - b/c it's not sunday."

 ‎- "mommy! i just burped in my pants! that's funny!"

 - after passing an obscene amount of gas out of his hiney - i look at Owen with a bewildered look on my face to which he replies "it's ok mommy, that just means I had A LOT of pressure in my belly just now!"

 ‎"Livvie, daddy's gonna go see Mrs. Sippy this week" (nathan went to Mississippi)

"mom, are you downstairs, pocahontamus?"

‎"mommy...when i drink soda it's so so so spicy! It makes my eyes sparkly!"

"owen, you don't say no to mommy, that's disrespectful" ..."well, actually mom, sometimes I do say no, like i just did to you." :)



Alicia said...

HILARIOUS! I especially like his matter-of-fact retelling of when he does indeed say no. :) And undies only on Sunday, that's awesome. :) Gotta love boys -- I often have to put Clive sans undies because I don't have any clean/dry ones for him to wear.

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

seriously i love this kind of stuff!! i miss the ole Kids say the darndest things shows...

kellyH said...

oh my word. that kid is TOO funny!!

kellyH said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Ann said...

Haha! Heehee! Thanks for a much needed Monday morning laugh! :-)

Anonymous said...

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