Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Has it really been this long??

I don't have time right now to write a post about all that has been going on here - however, I do have a few seconds to give you a couple of point form notes about it! :)

- Well, we are expecting baby #4 in February! I am 18wks and just crawling out of nasty/exhausted stage. More accurately, Nasty is basically gone - exhausted is here to stay!

- Jackson received Christ this summer!!

- Olivia got her thumbnail smashed in Owen's school desk and will be losing it soon i assume. poor girl!

- Owen is 3 lbs and 1" bigger than Jxn....Jxn is catching on to this. :(

- Nathan has been traveling a lot but we got to go to greenville with him for a week!

- OH! Owen turned 3!! Pics to come!

- The kitchen is nearing the end...plate wall is almost finished, curtains have been made since march - just waiting for a break in the travel schedule to get them put on boards and hung. Still need to save for counter tops - although I think I may have enough for the floors soon!! i *heart* brown eyed girlies!!

- Be careful what you wish for on FB! When we left for G-Vegas last week i knew my house wouldn't be tip top shape by the time we left and sarcastically put as my status if anyone wanted to come and clean my house while I was gone, they were more than welcomed to it! well, some wonderful friend knew where my house key was, came into my house while we were gone and cleaned for me. True Story! BLESSED!! I actually walked around in a state of panic for a few minutes as I saw things in places that i didn't put them and things cleaned out that i hadn't touched for months and then Nate said "babe, i am sure whoever was in here was a friend not a foe if they left it in better shape than we did!" LOL Good point!

Happy First Day of Fall Everyone! I love love love this time of year! it's when i met Nate after all :)


Carrie said...

Really exciting, way to so calmly slip that in there. I have convinced Mike yet that we need one more. Sounds like you are very busy, but when you do find the time I love to read your posts. Take care! Congratulations!!!

Mary Ann said...

Wowzers! What a busy summer! Super duper big congrats on #4 :-)

TwoMuths said...

yay for #4!! I am also giggling at "babe, I'm sure whoever was in here was friend not foe..."

wahoo for kitchen improvements!

That is an awesome that you have such a great friend who would come clean your house! COOL!

kellyH said...

congrats on new baby! I am due in february as well! totally relate with the exhaustion! hope you get a little energy back soon!

Carrie said...

Congrats on the new little one on the way!!! So happy for you . . . :)

Sounds like your summer was great, too. And boy, what a sweet friend to come clean your house . . . friends are such a blessing!!

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