Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What an amazingly busy summer!

Well, life is finally settling back into "normal" here. Between Nathan and I we have been traveling since the 2nd week of May and have been everywhere from SC to KY, Atlantic City, Canada, Honduras and back again! Attending weddings, hanging with family and flying on business. It was been busy!

I have greatly enjoyed spending almost a month with my mom and sister - which hasn't happened in 10 yrs?! Or at least close to that!

The kids and I stayed in Canada for 2 weeks and then my mom came back to PA with us for 2 wks. and then My sister Jenny came for a week!

The kids have slept in the same room together for the last 5 weeks and have done a great job!

When my mom left Jackson said "i am glad you came gramma, but i am VERY glad to have my room back!"

When Jenny left, Jackson said "mom, aunt Jenny's leaving today - that's the sad part, but the good thing is, we get to be a family again!" LOL

I guess they are ready for things to go back to normal too! :)

So, hopefully blogging will get back to normal. There are always things swirling in my head that I could write about during my day! :)

Here are a few pics from the last month...

Today I am baking (if you know me - i would rather cook all day than bake!) but I am happily using up our bounty of zucchini from our garden!

Took mom to Red Robin for the first time!
So happy Liv's got pig tails! :)

Celebrated 6 years together!

Got a backstage tour at Sight and SoundMet our new little Nephew/Cousin Levi!
So happy to meet him!


Pepin909 said...

Happy anniversary!

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